• By:Tony Duheaume

    Al Arabiya, 25 October 2017 - There will always be those that ridicule the idea of a pact between Iran and al-Qaeda, due to the Shiite/Sunni divide, but it has been proven many times over, how Shiite Iran will side with radical Sunni groups such as al-Qaeda (AQ) when it comes to fighting a common enemy, and al-Qaeda will do the same, especially when the target is their most hated enemy the US.

  • Khamenei, the leader of the clerical regime, took a position five days after the announcement of the US administration’s new policy against the clerical regime and the terrorist designation of the Revolutionary Guards. With a ridiculous claim that "we do not want to waste our time... by responding to the president of the United States," he tried to conceal his fear and that of his regime from the US new policy.

  • By Barry Rosen

    In October, President Trump chose not to recertify the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal, giving Congress 60 days to decide on the future of the agreement. As Congress weighs action and the administration consults with our European partners, policymakers must consider Iran’s history of holding Americans and dual-nationals hostage, including those held captive today.

  • The Hill, July 27, 2017 - The House passed a resolution on Wednesday urging Iran to release American prisoners being held as hostages.Lawmakers approved the resolution by a voice vote a day after passing a sanctions package that included measures targeting Iran for its ballistic missile development.“I hope that this resolution sends a strong message to Iran that this practice will not be tolerated,' said Rep.

  • Clarion Project- Last Friday, based on a request made by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, the UN Security Council weighed in on the Iran protests.Enabling the voice of the Iranian people being heard in the Security Council is a strategic step forward for the nation’s uprising. It also provides a roadmap for the international community to find a practical and stable solution to the challenge posed by the rogue regime in Tehran.


    Herlad Sun, January 01, 2018 - IT may wind up fizzling out, or it may end in tears. But the current wave of protests sweeping Iran is, in a world that seems more chaotic and dangerous every day, a real reason for optimism for 2018.Not only have the protesters raised the real possibility that one of the world’s most obnoxious and destabilising wannabe nuclear powers might give way to something more peaceful and pro-Western,


    Approaching the President Tramp’s announced deadline to ‘fix’ the Iran Nuclear deal, questions are raised about the fate of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. With a brief look at the history of the foundation and policies of the Iranian regime, Abdolrahman Mahabadi, a political writer, offers an accurate analysis of the issue.

  • BY  Dr. Majid Rafizadeh 

    A trove of 470,000 documents released by the CIA has revealed close ties between Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and the Iranian regime. Some policy analysts and scholars have been surprised. What should be surprising is that they do not appear to grasp the nature of the long and close relationship between Iran and Al-Qaeda. It is not a new phenomenon.

  • The Algemiener, AUGUST 1, 2017--A New York congressman is urging US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to investigate the funneling of millions of dollars by an Iranian regime-controlled foundation to Ivy League universities, including Harvard, Columbia and Princeton.“Did this foundation attempt to subvert American academic institutions?” Rep. Dan Donovan (R-NY), who represents the Staten Island borough,

  • The Washington Examiner, Jul 18, 2017 - Capping off a day of behind-the-scenes drama, President Trump recertified Iran's compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal late on Monday.He was right to do so.For a start, Trump can revisit Iranian compliance every 90 days, so he need not rush to premature action. Had Trump decertified Iran now, he would have greatly agitated America's European allies,


    There is a growing feeling in Washington, underlined by the character of the forces that have nearly brought about the fall of Mosul that America bought Iraq, with blood and dollars, and Iran has ended up the dominant nation there.The United States has had 4,500 killed in Iraq and the cost to the American taxpayer is estimated at roughly $1 trillion.

  • • Iran regime TV censors Italian football badge . Eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that Iranian state television censored the logo of an Italian football club during its coverage of UEFA Champions League football. The team from the Italian capital's logo is the image from ancient myth of Rome's twin founders Romulus and Remus being suckled by the Capitoline Wolf.

  • Many have welcomed the appointment of former Ambassador John Bolton to the position of National Security Advisor as a sign that the US will finally get tough on the Iranian Regime.This shift from the disastrous appeasement policy that has plagued Presidents from Reagan to Clinton to Obama to a strong stance against the mullahs is something that most Iran analysts agree is a step in the right direction.

  • NCRI - The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran addressed the Seventy-second session of the General Assembly in New York on October 25, to discuss the dismal situation of human rights in Iran that has been prevalent since the Regime took over in 1979.Asma Jahangir, who was addressing the General Assembly for the first time since taking the role in November 2016,


    The United Sates has added 11 individuals and companies that allegedly supported the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in cyber-attacks on U.S Banks. The Treasury Department added the individuals and companies to their Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons List.According to the F.B.I Mohamad Sadegh Ahmadzadegan who is wanted in connection with "alleged involvement in a conspiracy to conduct a coordinated campaign

  • U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley on August 25 accused Iran of illegally smuggling arms to its ally Hezbollah in Lebanon and sharply criticized the United Nations peacekeeping commander there for being "blind" to the activity.The commander, Major General Michael Beary, has rejected allegations by the United States and Israel that Hezbollah is illegally stockpiling arms in the country.

  • The Director of the Secretary's Policy Planning Staff Thursday, Brian Hook, said that the Iranian regime is aggressively destabilizing the Middle East and creating a range of threats for peace and security in the region.He said that when it comes to internal and external policies of the Iranian regime over the past two years, it is impossible to argue that they have constructive or more lenient behavior,

  • By F. Mahmoudi

    Al Arabiya, 10 January 2018 - The uprising of the Iranian people in over 130 cities has raised many questions and concerns. Some people opine that Iran may turn into another Syria.As mentioned in my earlier article, the greatest weakness of the regime in Iran is the erosion of its legitimacy in the wake of profound and widely pervasive social crises.


    During the "Free Iran" rally in Paris on July 1, the mood was festive and clearing upbeat, as speakers discussed the movement of MEK members from Iraq to Albania.But many of the speakers and delegations also spoke of the real possibility of regime change in Iran,as they noted major changes on the international scene. Speaker after speaker from the United States pointed to the new policies of the Trump administration,


    The President poked fun after accusing the European Union of only supporting the Iran nuclear deal to “make money”.Donald Trump said he has“allowed” Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel to keep benefiting financially because the US does not need support to put pressure on Tehran.Speaking on Fox News, he said: “Honestly, I told them. They’re friends of mine. They really are, I get along with all of them.