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NCRI - “The six missiles launched into Deir ez-Zor by Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards have actually hit a hospital, residential areas, and a number of schools used to accommodate refugees”, says a Syrian writer and journalist in his interview with NRT TV.

“I myself come from Deir ez-Zor”, said Amer Howeedy, adding “The six missiles fired by Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards into Syria have hit ‘Noorisaeid’ hospital, the ‘Badieh Maydan’ district, and another residential area.

NCRI - Confrontations involving the Iranian regime and its proxies are causing tensions to reach new levels in the Middle East.

One of the most recent confrontations involves Saudi Arabia – an arch rival to Iran. The Saudis have caught three IRGC agents (Iran regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) that were approaching the Saudi offshore Marjan oil field in a vessel.

Saudi officials say that the three IRGC agents are currently being questioned by Saudi authorities.

By Perry Chiaramonte

An Iranian opposition group has found 12 sites, not previously disclosed, where the Islamic government is developing ballistic missiles with the help of North Korean experts.  The disclosure, one of many in a lengthy and detailed report released Tuesday by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), describes how Iran’s missile program has accelerated since it signed an agreement on July 14, 2015, to limit its development of nuclear weapons.

NCRI - Forced migration and demographic change policies that are being implemented by Assad’s regime, its paratroops and collaborators, is threatening national identity and social structure of Syria. The bureau of Legal studies of Syria from the Syrian National Coalition announced the above news.

By Lucas Tomlinson

A U.S. jet shot down an Iranian drone flying in southern Syria near U.S.-backed forces on Tuesday, a U.S. defense official confirmed to Fox News.

A U.S Air Force F-15 shot down the Iranian-made drone, according to the official.

This is the second time the U.S. has shot down an Iranian drone in less than a month. It also marks the fifth time since late May the U.S. military has bombed pro-Syrian forces in southern Syria.

BEIRUT, Reuters, Jun 19, 2017--  Russia, Iran and the United States are drawing new red lines for each other in Syria, with Moscow warning Washington on Monday it would treat any U.S.-led coalition planes in its area of operations as potential targets after the U.S. air force downed a Syrian jet.

The Baghdad Post, 18 June 2017 - Iran has formed new militia in Maskanah town of Aleppo to support the Syrian regime president Bashar al-Assad, media sources reported on Saturday.

Sources also revealed that more than 60 percent of the so-called 'Mahdi Militia' are criminals who had looted homes of civilians in Maskanah city.

All of the militants are Shiite or Sunni who converted to Shiite sect including the the militia's leader Muammar Dandan, sources added.

WASHINGTON, D.C., Nexstar Broadcasting, 17 Jun 2017 – U.S. Senator Gary Peters, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, spoke on the Senate floor Friday on his vote in support of the Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act, legislation he cosponsored that would impose sanctions that target Iran’s ballistic missile program and levy terrorism-related sanctions on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The Baghdad Post, 17 June 2017 - The regime in Tehran is seeking vehemently to implement its plots aimed at shaking the whole region. It uses militias in several countries; foremost of them are Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

But recently, a plan has emerged whereby the regime is seeking to create a route from Damascus to Tehran. Using a strategic point at the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian borders, the Iranian militias are carrying out a high-stakes gamble for this dream to be achieved.

Cairo, Reuters

 Jun 16, 2017 -Iran’s support to Shiite groups in Iraq is obstructing efforts to bridge the sectarian divide ahead of a parliamentary election next year, Iraqi Vice President Iyad Allawi said on Friday.

Iraqi leaders hope to restore control over all Iraqi territory, defeating ISIS, before an election due by the middle of next year.

“Iran has been interfering even in the decision [making process] of the Iraqi people,” he said.