NCRI -According to Sky News on May 12, 2017 ousted Yemeni president Ali-Abdullah Saleh has ordered his affiliated media to publicly reveal Houthi militia’s leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi’s dependence to Iranian regime in Yemen. This action has taken by Ali-Abdullah Saleh after revealed reports of a plot to assassinate him by the Houthis.Informed sources in Sanaa said: he had threaten in his meeting with congress party members that if Houthi’s leader doesn’t obey his requests, his is going to sell them to Arabic Coalition. He described Houthi’s militia affiliated to the Iranian regime fundamentalist.

Ali-Abdullah Saleh has given go get signals to his Medias to attack Houthis and disclose their relations with Iran’s regime and announce that they have sold Yemen to Iran to a pity price.

He has emphasized that the Houthis are a group of thieves trying to gain ministerial positions in government to obtain property and gain windfall assets. Informed sources added Yemen Congress party has asked Ali-Abdullah Saleh to cut ties with Houthi militant group and announce undisclosed agreements with them.

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