In the latest escalation of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Houthi rebels backed by Iran made threats to attack airports and ports in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and in Saudi Arabia. The crown prince has since said that Iran’s aggression via the Houthi rebels is unacceptable and that it must be held accountable for shipping missiles to them. He added that this should be regarded as “an act of war”.

The United States has now said that international action must be taken against Iran following the “direct military aggression” that resulted in a Yemeni rebel missile attack near the Saudi capital. The missile was intercepted and destroyed near the international airport in the Saudi capital.

However, Iranian regime has responded to the remarks and Mohammad Javad Zarif (the country’s Foreign Minister) said that the Saudi allegations are “contrary to reality”.

Nikki Haley, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, said yesterday that the Houthi rebels had been supplied with a missile form Iranian regime and it was fired into Saudi Arabia earlier this year. With regards to the Saudi claims that the weapon used last week was Iranian, she said: “By providing these types of weapons to the Huthi militias in Yemen, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is violating two UN resolutions simultaneously. We encourage the United Nations and international partners to take necessary action to hold the Iranian regime accountable for these violations.”

Iranian regime and Saudi are regional enemies and are on opposing sides of numerous conflicts, most notably in Syria and in Yemen. Federica Mogherini, the top EU diplomat, said that the tension between the two nations is reaching “extremely dangerous” levels and called on them to seek a “minimum of common ground” so they can look to build peace.

She said: “I know that this is not the wind that is blowing as the majority voice in the world of today. But allow me to bring a little bit of wisdom as the European voice in a world that seems to go completely crazy here: It’s dangerous.”

The attack a few days ago in Saudi Arabia shows that the Houthi rebels are still holding missiles that can reach the kingdom. By threatening that the kingdom’s ports and airports will become legitimate targets shows that tensions are higher than ever.

A statement from the political office of the Houthis stated: “We will not stand idly by—we will seek more radical means to prevent both the tightening of the blockade and all acts aimed at starving and humiliating the people of Yemen.”

The coalition tightened the blockade after the missile attack, but the United Nations is urging it to lift it with immediate effect. A UN spokesman said that the channels, which he described as “lifelines”, need to remain open, otherwise it will have catastrophic consequences for those that are already living through a horrific humanitarian crisis.

To make matters worse, the people of Yemen are on the brink of famine.

The international community needs to act quickly to evict Iranian regime which is making the crisis even worse.

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