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Human Rights

The body of the Pahlevan (champion) Seyyed Ebrahim Rasouli, brave son of the people of Eghlid (Fars province), was buried on Sunday, Janury 21, with the participation of thousands of people. Ebrahim Rassouli, who was known for chivalry, affluent ethics and helping the poor among the people of Eghlid, was killed on January 18, in an assault by police force mercenaries.

 During the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people against the detested rule of Velayat-e faqih, the regime's judiciary executed five young prisoners from January 15 to 17. On January 17, a brutal sentence to amputate a young man's hand for stealing several sheeps was carried out in


Alaeddin Boroujerdi, Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security of the mullahs’ Majlis, will be heard at the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday, January 23, 2018. The Majlis is an integral part of the mullahs’ regime whose members have passed the filter of heart belief in and practical commitment to the Vali Faqih (supreme leader). Boroujerdi is from Khamenei's faction, his close relative,


Two other people arrested in the popular uprisings in Iran were killed under the torture of the henchmen of the Velayat-e faqih regime in Arak and Sanandaj.Seyed Shahab Abtahi, a 20-year-old young man who was arrested in Arak two weeks ago, died under the torture of the henchmen. The tormentors left the martyr’s body 10 days after his arrest in front of his father’s house, while signs of the baton blows on his body were visible.

 The state-run Khorasan news agency, reported that the sentence of hand amputation for a prisoner accused of “stealing sheep of villagers” was carried out in central prison of Mashhad, the city in which the anti-government protests was sparked and spread to more than 100 cities all over Iran.The prisoner who was identified as “A. KH”, 34, had served in prison for six years before the sentence was upheld by a guillotine apparatus.

The Iranian Regime has met the protests of their citizens with extrajudicial killings, torture, and mass imprisonment, according to the leading Iranian opposition group.The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) reported on Tuesday that the Regime’s so-called security forces have already killed at least 50 people and imprisoned over 8,000, and tortured at least five people to death in jail,


Iran Freedom staff

On Tuesday, January 16, a session was held in the European Parliament to look into the uprising of Iran with the presence of a representative of the European Union.The speakers stated that the Iranian people are demanding a regimechange, and we should prepare ourselves for this option.They condemned the wave of arrest and killing of Iranian detainees and said that the EU's silence on this crime is unacceptable.

The Iranian Resistance offers its condolences for the martyrdom of Kianoush Zandi, Sarou Ghahremani and Mohammad Nassiri, who were arrested during the uprising of the Iranian people, to their families, friends, companions and all rising people of Iran, and urges the international community to take immediate action to confront anti-human crimes of the clerical regime. The blood of these fallen for freedom martyrs,

Iranian university students have stood up for their imprisoned peers by denouncing the Regime’s crackdown on students during the current protests in an official statement.The University Trade Unions Council of Iran (UTUCI) explained that the Regime is very “fearful” over the current protests and using it as an excuse to pressurise students, trade union activists, and others in the groups most likely to be protesting.

By  Iran Freedom Staff

After leaking information over maltreatments of the Iranian regime’s agents towards the detainees of the recent uprising in Iran, which led to losing lives, the international concern is rising on the dire violation of human rights in Iran and the fate of the incarcerated protestors. The reports from inside Iran from reliable sources indicate at least five protesters were murdered under torture.