NCRI - The representatives of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Ms. Dowlat Nowrouzi in an interview with ‘Simay Azadi’ the satellite television of the Iranian Resistance, talked about the recent UN report on Iran in the Third Committee of the General Assembly, stressing that this is one of the most significant achievements of Iran's Resistance in international affairs.

Ms. Nowrouzi stipulated that this was the first time ever that the subject of the massacre of 1988, in which 30 thousand political prisoners were executed in Iran, has been declared in the Third Committee of the General Assembly with193 member countries.

Ms. Nowrouzi added, one year after the call of the President elect of the Iranian Resistance, Maryam Rajavi for organizing the justice seeking movement, and the world wide activities of the families of the victims and supporters of the resistance we are witnessing that the largest human rights body to monitor Iran or any other country, finally has been involved and the case of the massacre of 1988 has been brought to the attention of the highest international authority.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, Asma Jahangir stressed the importance of the follow-ups on the families of the victims and collecting documents and reports from them. These families and witnesses demand an independent investigation to the issue of the massacre of 1988."

According to the representative of the NCRI, the UN report details the great massacre of 1988 and it concerns the establishment of an independent committee that could bring the perpetrators of this crime to international trial.

Ms. Nowrouzi appreciated the efforts of the supporters of the Iranian Resistance, the families of the victims, inside and outside of Iran, stating, "Our success relies on the efforts of those involved in collecting the documents and reports during the past year."

The member of the NCRI called on all Iranians and the families of the victims to provide Asma Jahangir with information and details about the massacre of 1988, asking them to send the reports to the UN and the Ministries of the Foreign Affairs, in particular the Canadian Government, in relation to the state of human rights in Iran.

At the end, Ms. Nowrouzi reiterated, "By doing so, the justice will be certainly implemented and the wish of the Iranians, which is the trial of the criminals of the massacre of 1988, will be fulfilled."


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