During a five-day conference of governors and Governors-General of the clerical regime, Rouhani's officials warned the regime about protests and the continuation of the uprising of the Iranian people.“we should worry about is people’s hatred, anger, and spite against the regime and the authorities, so we should not allow the people's protest to turn into hatred and anger," Jahangiri, Rohani’s veep,

referring to the most recent widespread protests in Iran.

Hossein Zolfaghari, the Security Assistant of State's Interior Minister of the regime, commented on the characteristics of the protests in January, "We face a different situation from the past. These protests were spread particularly to the small towns very swiftly and violence was more than it was in the past. "

Hossein Zolfaghari described the anti-regime protests as ‘crossing all the political steams of the country’, and pointed to the demographic features of the insurgents, "Majority of those arrested in the protests were people without security record, and 85% of those people were under the age of 35. In this regard, it should be considered that 70% of the population in the country is under 40 years old. "

Hossein Zolfaghari warned the regime's governors about the continuation of the uprising after the protests of January, saying: "Until it’s not too late we have to face the Cyberspace like the real world, and set the rules and frameworks for it. If we have some strategic neglect and do not apprehend the phenomena and if we analyze them wrong, they will change to the social security threats.”


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