The European Union decided to prolong sanctions against the "serious human rights violations in Iran."The European Council of member states said in an April 12 statement that the measures were extended for another year, until April 2019 in response toThe sanctions, which consist of travel bans and asset freezes against 82 people and one entity, were first put in place in 2011.

They are mainly targeting Iranian judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers who are involved in the crackdown the protests or in the judiciary system.

They also include a ban to export equipment to Iran that might be used for internal repression as well as equipment for monitoring telecommunications which were vastly used to suppress the peaceful protesters, and arresting the protesters, in some cases leading to death because of torture in the prisons. 

These measures were first put in place in 2011. The legal acts will be published in the Official Journal of April 13, 2018.


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