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In-depth Reports

By Mahmoud Hakamian 

IRAN, AUGUST 2, 2017-- On AUGUST 2, 2017, Iranian regime’s media reported on the launch of a satellite carrier missile. The timing of the launch was arranged in such a way so as to coincide with discussions over US Congress’s passing of sanctions against the Iranian regime.While the move was widely advertised by regime officials, including regime’s president Hassan Rouhani and state media, it was faced with tough stances

London, 1 Aug -

Online retailer Amazon is under investigation for potentially breaking US sanctions on Iran by selling over $30,000 worth of goods to people working on behalf of the Iranian Regime in the past five years, according to its own US Security and Exchange Commissions filing.

Joyce Karam

 The 2016 Country Reports on Terrorism — the first released by the state department since US president Donald Trump assumed office — also highlighted Hizbollah's increasing reach in Syria, Iraq and Yemen and an increase in “its long-term attack capabilities”. Although the report said there had been a 9 per cent drop in global terror attacks last year from 2015,

 By Michael Hernandez

Terrorism across the globe decreased in 2016 for a second straight year but Iran is still the world’s leading “state sponsor of terrorism”, the U.S. said Wednesday.The State Department pointed to Tehran’s elite extra-territorial Quds Force that “continued to play a destabilizing role” in Iraq, Syria and Yemen in its annual country reports on terrorism.

By Benjamin Weintha

Iran is targeting German companies in its bid to advance its missile program, in possible violation of an international agreement, and at least on occasion with the aid of a Chinese company, according to a damning recent report from a German intelligence agency.

London, 4 Jul - An Iranian organisation, which has been recently convicted of being a front for the Theocratic Regime in Iran, is revealed to have donated around $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Last week, a grand jury in New York agreed with US prosecutors that the Alavi Foundation was merely a front for the Iranian Regime.

The Algemeiner, JUNE 27, 2017 - An intergovernmental organization created by G7 nations to combat financial crimes including money-laundering and terrorism financing is to keep Iran on its economic blacklist, in a major blow to the Tehran regime’s hopes of gaining unfettered access to the international financial system following the 2015 nuclear deal with six major world powers.

BY: DAVID KAMINSKI-MORROW Mnuchin was responding to a query by House Ways and Means Committee member Peter Roskam during a hearing on 24 May, which was centred on US president Donald Trump's 2018 budget proposals. Roskam is a vehement opponent of the agreement to supply Iran Air with commercial aircraft, and introduced a bill at the beginning of the year aimed at requiring the president to report on any illicit use of commercial aircraft for military activities.

Joyce Karam 

WASHINGTON: As Yemen’s war enters its third year, a two-day workshop addressing the military, political and humanitarian challenges of the conflict warned of Houthi ties to Iran and their impact on legitimate institutions in Yemen.Saudi and Yemeni diplomats both echoed the urgency for a political solution, and invited the Houthis to the table as a political party and not an armed militia.The conference in Washington, organized by the Gulf Research Center, featured Saudi and Yemeni officials, as well as US defense experts and former US ambassadors to Sanaa.

A UK Conservative MP has been granted a £338,000 ($436,391) pay-out after winning a libel case against Iranian state television channel Press TV in a British court.

In July 2015 Press TV published an article on its English-language website implying that Nadhim Zahawi, who is of Kurdish background and was born in Iraq, had facilitated the trade of oil between Islamic State group militants and the state of Israel.

Zahawi was a leading member of the UK's foreign affairs select committee and has previously criticised Iran's role in the Middle East region.