NCRI - Ishaq Jahangiri, first deputy of Iranian regime’s president Hassan Rouhani, on Tuesday, September 19, said that 11 million marginalized people who live in slum areas in the cities across the country have created serious risks.The issue of drug addiction, which, in his confession, spreads more prevalently among the youth and women of the country, has also been mentioned by Jahangiri as another major social harm of today's Iranian society,

which has led to family challenges along with the widespread divorce and collapse of the families.

He goes on to say that you cannot simply walk away from these injuries or deal with them with “violent, judicial, and security practices.”

Rouhani’s first deputy then added that “ignoring or wiping out the problem superficially only complicates these issues.” He also said that these injuries have reached such a degree that “all elements of the system must be mobilized” to counteract them.

Jahangiri in his comments called the dilemma of unemployment the mother and the source of much social harm, including prostitution (or, in his words, “moral corruption”).

Meanwhile, Iranian regime’s Labour Minister, Ali Rabiei, admitted on Monday September 18 that one million people are added to the number of unemployed people in the country each year, and the prosperity and economic growth, as estimated in the Sixth Development Plan, are in need of at least $175 billion in foreign investment.


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