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Inside Iran

London, 23 Jun - Reports of the divide between the regime factions, which is based only on a struggle for power and not the moderates v hardliners myth that is so often cited, mean that Hassan Rouhani’s “election” may well spell the end of the Iranian Regime.

When incumbent President Rouhani was announced as the winner in the recent Iranian “elections”, it caused quite a stir around the world.

A regime broker: Plunderer institutions have political power and a special backing that circumvents the law

On the morning of Wednesday June 21, thousands of victims of financial institutions belonging to the Revolutionary Guards, the Basij Organization, the Police and the Judiciary in Tehran, Mashhad, Ahvaz, Babol, Abhar, Ardebil and Rasht staged rallies.

In Tehran, at least 3000 depositors of the Caspian Foundation gathered in front of the office of Rouhani.

NCRI - The Chair of Social Commission of the Iran regime’s Parliament, Salman Khodadadi on Tuesday, June 20 stated that nearly 1.3 million people became unemployed during the past year. He also admitted that some figures illustrate the 10 millions of increase in the level of unemployment.

Majlis Research Center had earlier predicted that in an optimistic scenario, the unemployment rate will reach 16% in 2021 and it might become 26% in the worst case.


Iran’s Assembly of Experts on June 19 issued a statement in response “to doubts regarding people’s role in an Islamic state.” This statement, shedding light on rifts amongst the regime’s ruling elite and an escalating power struggle following last month’s sham presidential election, is an unprecedented acknowledgement of the mullahs’ lack of “legitimacy” and “acceptability,”

NCRI - The internal crisis of the Iranian regime continues to intensify following the adoption of new sanctions by the US Senate. A Khamenei’s faction newspaper in an editorial titled, “black hole” has written: "The sanctions imposed by the US Senate, together with charging the Iranian government and in particular the Revolutionary Guards for supporting terrorism, will allow the IRGC to be black listed for terrorism and consequently the full sanctioning of it.

NCRI - Mullah Makarem Shirazi, a Mullah close to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, in his remarks on Saturday emphasized democracy is for the West.

“We must not say the ruler is chosen by the people. Democracy (West) is something imposed on people out of no other choice, and this is actually not a popular state ruled by the people… the Imam (read supreme leader) is not to be chosen by the people, as the Imam is appointed through God’s ruling,” he said.

NCRI - Delfan's municipal workers gathered to protest their outstanding unpaid wages up to 10 months, with demonstrating their empty food tables in the city in front of the regime’s governor building on Saturday morning June 17, 2017.

One of Delfan’s municipal workers pointed to their unpaid wages for eight months, and said:

NCRI - The authorities and the media affiliated with the Iran regime utter contradictory remarks concerning the U.S. sanctions as well as the outcomes of The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
On June 16, Khamenei's representative, Hossein Shariatmadari in the state-run Kayhan Newspaper Office stated, "JCPOA was a hustle for the Iran regime.

NCRI - The U.S. Senate recently approved sanctions against Iranian Revolutionary Guards, has escalated the infighting war of wolves within the Iranian regime’s system. "Passive diplomacy”, "gesture of detente”, and "what America has learned from Rouhani’s strategic actions", are phrases that authorities, Khamenei’s faction members and media have expressed in response to new sanctions.

Reuters, 19 Jun 2017-  Ali Khamenei lashed out on Sunday at U.S. President Donald Trump's administration and what he characterized as its hostility to the Islamic Republic.

'This inexperienced group has not recognized the people and leaders of Iran,' he said, according to the website for state TV. 'When they get hit in the mouth, at that time they'll know what's going on.'