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Inside Iran

On Wednesday February 21, 2018, Tehran and other cities witnessed protests held by educators, workers, retirees and looted people of government institutions including Caspian, Afzal Toos, Arman Vahdat and others.An important part of the protesters in front of the parliament was the looted people who were chanting slogans of: “They are using Islam, to pound the people”;

According to various reports, during clashes between the security forces and Gonabadi Dervishes on Monday night (February 19) in Pasdaran Avenues in Tehran, there security forces and two basijis were killed. The spokesman of Iranian regime’s repressive security forces confirmed that two members of Basij forces were killed during the clashes in Tehran.

There have been a number of suspicious suicides in Iran’s prisons in recent weeks, which are thankfully getting international attention and garnering criticism for the Iranian Regime, but what is behind them?The Iranian Regime has long described deaths at their prisons as suicides, when the real culprit is either negligence or outright attacks from the Regime - many of the victims are political prisoners

The Women’s Council of the National Council of Resistance of Iran joined together with female political figures from around the world to empower the women of Iran in a conference held in Paris on 17th February 2018 ahead of International Women’s Day.The overall theme of the conference was to fight towards abolishment of the suppression of women, including the compulsory veil,

On Monday, Gonabadi dervishes gathered in front of the police station 102 in Pasdaran Street in Tehran, to oppose the arrest of one of the Gonabadi dervishes and called for his release with the slogans of Allah Akbar (the God is the greatest).Following this, the suppressive security forces raided at the peaceful gathering using tear gas, bottoms, and the firearm.

It was on the last January 6 that Sanchi oil tanker collision occurred and as it was reported all the 32 crew lost their lives. Too many questions were raised up and the contradiction response of the Iranian officials intensified the Ambiguities.The Sanchi oil tanker incident has not cleared from the minds that another catastrophic accident


The U.S. dollar’s rise against the Iranian rial has led to serious concerns among different social classes, the middle and low-income ones in particular, says an Iranian regime’s economic expert while pointing to the destructive effects of U.S. dollar appreciation on the country’s economy.State-run Fararoo websites on February 14, 2018, quotes Hossein Raghfar as saying

The protest of the various strata and people who are fed up and unable to provide the basic needs of their lives and their families continues in different cities. Some of the protests on Wednesday, February 14th were as follows: 1. A group of specialist physicians from Imam Reza Hospital in Lar, Fars province, protested against the failure to pay their salaries.

The head of the Central Bank of Iran, Valiollah Seif, recently claimed that illegal stakeholders make it hard to reform Iran's economy, but why is the Iranian Regime not attempting to push back against these corrupt networks?Iran has been besieged by nationwide anti-regime protests that highlighted systematic corruption, amongst other things, as their problem with the Iranian Regime, and as such corruption became a talking point.

On Tuesday, February 13, protests, strikes and demonstrations of workers, looted people, students and other people continued throughout Iran: 1. More than 2,000 university professors and educating residents and radiology specialists staged protest gathering in front of the Ministry of Health building in Tehran. They protested against the regime's directive about allowing ultrasound devices to be used by non-specialists.