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Inside Iran


Iran's 'alternative Facebook' site Cloob has completely shut down its services after struggling with years of censorship.Iran's oldest social media network announced it is shutting down after years of battling censors, saying they had allowed foreign sites such as Instagram to take over. Cloob website was launched 12 years ago as the Iranian answer to Facebook and Google's now-dead Orkut, and at its peak had some two million users in the country.

NCRI - The Iranian regime attempts to control the flow and consumption of information into the country. Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, believes the Internet is “used by the enemy to target Islamic thinking.” Control of the information and news available to the public is believed to facilitate the regime’s hold over Iranian society.However, the growth of the internet and social media have challenged the Iranian regime.


A member of Iran’s capital city council has disclosed that salaries paid by Tehran’s municipality are two times more than the number of its registered staff.In an interview with the semi-official Mehr News Agency (MNA), Majid Farahani said on October 14, “According to the statistics, while Tehran municipality’s, TM, official manpower is 68,000, it pays salaries to more than 130,000 people.”

On Sunday, October 15th, thousands of people whose property was looted by institutions affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and other repressive organs, rallied in the central streets of Tehran, and expressed their anger and disgust at the oppression of Iranian religious rule. Caspian, Padideh Shandiz and Alborz Iranian (Arman),Pardisban and other institutions have been established in recent years by the IRGC,

The bitter reality of an oil rich country, under the rule of Mullahs, who are spending billions of dollars, over exporting terrorism and extremism and warmongering, in the Middle East and around the world, is that majority of its people are living under the line of poverty and have to sell their body organs to pay off their debts, the following shocking story which was published in LA times on October 15, 2017 is just an example of the disastrous living condition of people under the rule of Iranian regime.

NCRI - Tehran: Sunday October 15, 2017. Thousands of people who are plundered by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) - affiliated financial institutions, staged protest gatherings and marched through Tehran streets.

According to the reports, to prevent other people from joining and spreading the demonstrations, security agents surrounded the demonstrators, they also prevented the demonstrators who had started their march from judiciary building, to go towards regime's parliament.

The Minister of Communication and Information Technology said on October 9, 2017, that they were pursuing a block on anti-regime (social media) channels, according to the state-run YJC website.“The purpose of the counterrevolutionaries is to disenchant the people when it comes to the government which is in no way endorsed by us”, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said in response to a question


Iran’s financial markets reacted nervously to reports that U.S. President Donald Trump may decertify the nuclear agreement (JCPOA) with Tehran. The value of rial, Iran’s national currency started to drop in recent days as investors fear that the United States may leave the nuclear deal and impose new sanctions on their country.For the first time in 2017, the rate of one U.S. Dollar exceeded 40,000 rials over the weekend.

Iran’s Intelligence Minister has rejected accusations that a member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team was a spy.Iranian judicial authorities announced on October 8 that Abdolrasoul Dorri Esfahani was sentenced to five years imprisonment on charges of spying.A spokesman for the judiciary said that Dorri Esfahani was “among some who were accused of spying and providing information to foreigners and had links with two espionage services."

Eight Iranian women, national team members, have been forbidden by their husbands from leaving the country to participate in international tournaments.This was revealed by between the lines of a report published by the state-run Sharq daily on the progress of a bill proposed by the parliamentary women’s faction seeking to reform the law on women’s permission to depart the country.