NCRI - Maryam Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, described Iran’s presidential election scheduled for May 19th as “sham”, CNN Arabic reported Wednesday, May 17th.

Rajavi accused the Revolutionary Guards of allocating half a million votes of its members, along with hundreds of thousands of votes belonging to its secret elements, to the candidate of their choosing, CNN Arabic added.

This subject was reflected in a series of Maryam Rajavi’s tweets where she said:

#ShamElections is a ritual of power sharing among the regime's ruling factions; it is categorically rejected by the people of #Iran… If you claim that the May19 showcase is a genuine election, you have to withdraw the half-a-million strong force of IRGC #ShamElections #Iran”

“Let the ppl of #Iran go 2 D streets & freely express their vote. It would then become clear what would remain of D Velayat-e Faqih regime… Admissions made by D candidates that the ruling regime represents only 4% of the population vividly reveal the nature of the election…If D regime wasn’t in absolute danger, Khamenei wouldn’t have had 2 nominate Raisi, 1 of his most atrocious criminals, 4 D #Shamelections #Iran,” Rajavi tweeted.

“Rouhani confessed, albeit opportunistically, that D ruling regime has not done anything but carrying out executions over D past 38 years…The outcome of #ShamElections, whatever it be, is rejected by the #Iran’ian people. D crisis-riddle clerical regime will emerge weaker,” she added.

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