Oct. 9, 2017- Students of nursing and nursing aide staged protest gatherings against fraud of state officials in a number of Iranian cities on Saturday, October 7, 2017.The protesters, half of them women, protested the undecided status of their employment in the cities of Hamedan, Khorramabad, and Kermanshah (western Iran), Sabzevar (northeast Iran), Shahr-e Kord (south central Iran) and Shiraz (southern Iran).

Addressing the Medical Sciences University, the Health Ministry and the University Jihad Organization, the students in Hamedan held placards which read, “What happened to your promises?” and “We have paid our tuitions and passed our courses. What is our status?”
The students said, “We registered in this course, relying on promises made by the officials. Despite passing the course, not only we do not have any jobs, but we have also lost our time and money.”
“We attended the course despite financial problems. We have paid at least 3.5 million toumans (approx. $1030). Some have paid 5-6 million ($1470-1760),” they added.
Students in Khorramabad also gathered in front of the Medical Sciences University of Lorestan protesting against not being employed in medical centers.
“In 2015, they promised to train us as nurses or nurse’s aides in one year for 3.6 million toumans and give us job opportunities after finishing the course. The course took three years instead of one year and still there are no signs of getting employment,” a female student said.
Other students had previously protested this fraudulent project in Tehran.


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