“300 people chanted nasty slogans against the leader (Ali Khamenei),” said state Media Advisor:At a news conference of Mohammad Reza Nobakht, spokesman for Rouhani's government, on Nov. 7, a media advisor to the head of the Central Bank confessed that the plundered and angry people chanted slogans against the regime's leader, Ali Khamenei, in the press exhibition held in Tehran.

Nasser Yamin Mardukhi, the media advisor, also added that when he tried to talk in defense of Khamenei, angry plundered people rebuked and beat him up.

The media advisor stated in the meeting that he wanted to talk about a tragic story and said: “On the closing day of the press exhibition, about 300 people with red banners and placards chanted nasty (harsh) slogans against the leader (Khamenei) which I should not say here (what they chanted) against the leader, Rouhani, and against other officials, including the head of the Central Bank.”

“As soon as I told them that you want to get your rights with derogatory words (slogans against regime officials) and be sure that foreign hands have not incited you!, they pushed me away… and now my shoulder is broken and I am not in a good condition,” he added.

It should be noted that Nobakht, Rouhani’s spokesman, tried to silence Mardukhi in the press conference but was unsuccessful and Mardukhi admitted to the explosive anger of the people plundered by the financial institutions affiliated to IRGC and the government, also admitting people’s slogans against Khamenei and Rouhani. The press conference was being broadcast live by the regime’s television.


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