A new wave of protest in Iran by Farmers in different cities

On Saturday, April 14, farmers in eastern Isfahan protested for 58th day and they chanted slogans at Khorasgan Square in Saturday's demonstrations: Today is the day of mourning, the farmer’s water right is under the mullahs’ garb;

Their garb is the the garb of clergy, their promises are hollow; Our enemy is right here, spuriously they say it is America; Liar Rouhani, where is our Zayandehroud?


  •  A strike on bazaar and business people in Baneh and Yangrood cities

On Sunday morning, April 26, 1997, following a call by marketers and businessmen Baneh and Yenrood (Kurdistan), they went on strike to protest the closure of border gates and rising customs tariffs.


  •  On Friday night, farmers in the village of Shatur rallied

In this demonstration, farmers stood against the regime's forces and they confronted with a special unit bus and broke the glasses of the carrying bus with rock. The mercenaries fled from the scene by bus.


  •  Varzaneh farmers held a protest rally

Varzaneh farmers brought down ten power poles in Varzaneh-Na’in road, used for pumping Zayandehrood water.

Tabatabaee Nejad, a representative of Khamenei had said in Friday prayer show,: "Those who use water as an excuse to demonstrate... are seditionists, and farmers must separate their paths from these groups ... 

Tabatabaee Nejad said the demand for water for agriculture in the present conditions is an impossible and illogical demand ... I declare from today on that I will no longer give them the right".


  •  February 2018 at a glance

According to publicly recorded statistics in February 2018, a total of 596 protests were made, with an average of 21 protest movements per day. Of course, due to media censorship, this number does not include the actual figure of February protests.







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