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BY: Cameron Cawthorne

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley scolded Iran on Wednesday and urged the UN Security Council to adopt the Trump administration's approach to Iran by addressing the nation's "destructive conduct."

NCRI - "As a council, we've adopted a dangerously shortsighted approach," Haley, the top American diplomat at the U.N., said during a Wednesday meeting. "Iran must be judged in totality of its aggressive, destabilizing, and unlawful behavior. To do otherwise would be foolish." ‘Washington Examiner’ reported on Wednesday October 18. An excerpt of the report is as follows:

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) joined the Brian Kilmeade Show today to discuss the Iran deal. Listen to the full interview below:Sen. Cotton on why he chooses not to spar with President Trump like many other Republicans:The American people elected Donald Trump to be our commander-in-chief and if we want to keep our country safe and secure, then it's important that the commander-in-chief succeed,


President Donald J. Trump put the Iranian regime on notice with his speech last week: the time when the United States (U.S.) government would turn a blind eye to its decades-long drive for deliverable nuclear weapons is over. Citing a long litany of destabilizing, rogue behavior on the part of Tehran, the president announced he would not re-certify Iranian compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or Iran nuclear deal.

Washington – US President Donald Trump said on Monday that a total termination of the Iran nuclear deal was a very real possibility.“It might be a total termination. That’s a very real possibility,” Trump said before a Cabinet meeting.“I’m tired of being taken advantage of as a nation,” Trump said, calling Iranian leaders “great negotiators” who “negotiated a great deal for themselves, but a horrible deal for the US.”

JEDDAH: King Salman held a phone conversation with US President Donald Trump on Saturday, welcoming the US government’s firm strategy toward Iran.King Salman supported the strategy announced by Trump on Friday against Iranian aggression and its support for terrorism in the region.The king praised the Trump administration, which recognizes the magnitude of these challenges and threats and the need for concerted efforts on terrorism

NCRI - The state-run media reacted to the consequences of the new U.S strategy, reflecting this event with titles such as "Trump tears up JCPOA" and "Trump ends Iran Deal". The state-run media, Raja News wrote," as the pressure on the regime has increased, Trump announced our non-compliance to JCPOA."According to Raja News, Trump states, we cannot follow the policy which is beneficial for the Iran regime in order to inflict more violence

By Tom Howell Jr.

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said Iran technically may be in compliance with the nuclear deal it forged under the Obama administration but isn’t living up to the full spirit of the bargain, which eased major sanctions on Tehran.

President Trump said Friday he’s decertifying the deal, but he stopped short of pulling out of the international agreement, instead giving Congress 60 days to take a tougher approach toward Iran’s lawless behavior.

The foreign ministry reiterated on Saturday Egypt’s position that the Middle East should be clear of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, one day after United States President Donald Trump said he would not certify the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement to Congress. A foreign ministry statement said that Egypt shares Trump’s concerns regarding Iranian policies that "lead to instability in the Middle East."

Two years ago, the international community reached a mutually agreed accommodation with the regime in Tehran over its proposed development of a nuclear programme for peaceful purposes. That accord, although heavily criticised at the time, was the best way forward then to end the crippling economic sanctions that had hit ordinary Iranians and that had left their economy moribund and frozen without regulated access to international markets.