By Mahdavi Nasim

The Iranian regime is concerned that the United States will  decertify  the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Iran’s concern is that, this  will open a path for imposing wider sanctions.  As a result, the IRGC would become under tremendous financial pressure to provide logistics for its suppressive policies  inside the country and interfering in the region.

Iran's former ambassador to Russia says that Iran cannot even complain because if it complains from the United States for imposing sanctions, " a mechanism will run, and within 45 days the United States can claim that it is not satisfied with Iran, and consequently by the veto vote in the Security Council all the sanctions could be imposed on Iran again.” He then concludes: "It is based on the fact that we cannot make a complaint at this time."

Fouad Izadi, an expert of the Iranian regime, finds the solution in show of power , he states that the opportunity to use the rift between Europe and the United States to pursue the previous policy is over. He also said: "The Europeans have traditionally shown, they usually agree with the United States," but immediately confirms that  our relation with Europe is based on economical trade  and economic trade  is at the hands of private companies. Europe may ask the companies to work with Iran, but when the US  imposes sanctions on Iran, it would impact the European companies and the companies, if they have to choose  between Iran and the United States, they will usually choose  the US.

Taking to consideration that the JCPOA has legitimized the nuclear program for Iran, the impact of decertification of the JCPOA on Iran could be compared with the collapse of the Berlin Wall, Which led to the collapse of the entire eastern bloc.

The second issue is the Iranian regime's meddling in the region, which has become a devastating phenomenon. Most countries in the region believe that the Iranian regime supports terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen and Assad, the Syrian dictator. Bahrain and Kuwait have also repeatedly accused the Iranian regime of interfering and supporting the terrorist cells in their own countries, so the Iranian regime must be forces to stop terrorism.

And finally, the issue of human rights, it should be noted that the Iranian regime is one of main violators of  human rights in the world, and more than 60 resolutions have been passed by the UN and its relevant human rights bodies, the Iranian regime must be forces to respect human rights, These three issues are vital for the Iranian regime, and survival of the system is based on these three pillars and if the regime gives up on each of these pillars the whole system would collapse.  

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