By Mahdavi nasim

On Tuesday, February the first a number of MPs visited Evin prison to investigate the conditions of detainees of recent protests In Iran.

Deputy Chairman of the Judicial Commission of the Parliament, referring to the of MPs’ visit on Tuesday, criticized the presence of a large number of security agents during the visit.

 “The MPs could not talk privately with the prisoners. The huge number of the companions and those who escorted the delegation was surprising because about 50 security staffs were accompanying MPs during the visit, they were a significant number. It was better if we would not have been accompanied by anyone, but the head of the Evin Prison. The number of agents at the visit was more than representatives, it wasn’t savory because it was necessary to talk individually with some prisoners,” he said.

It is worthy to remember that the visit took place after the security forces arrested about 8,000 people in recent demonstrations, some of them were killed under torture. The families of the detainees, human rights organizations and freedom lover figures strongly criticized the regime for the extensive arrests. So the regime was impelled to arrange this new game to deceive the people.

These kinds of visits play the role of safety valves for the regime and of course, the more frankly interpretation of that is seduction. In case of a dire event which makes a grave problem for the regime, In order to reduce rage and popular protests, a request is given to visiting the prison. The visits do not solve any problems of the detainees because they take place after the incident and it is remarkable that prisoners in solitary confinement are not allowed to be visited.

Undoubtedly, as it was predictable, the prisons' visit and the plan of inquiry commission was just a maneuver, intended to reduce the pressure of the people inside the country and the international community. Although it was another deception to distort public opinion, it actually shows, how the regime is weak and fragile in facing with public fury.

It should be always kept in mind that the members of the parliament are part of the power of the state, as the saying “Hawks will not pick out hawks' eyes.”

All the individuals in different branches of power, appointed or so-call elected, must prove their practical and in-mind believes to the ‘principal of absolute warden of the cleric jurisprudent’ as the juice of the regime’s constitution.

As the taint of Violence and cruelty, all the regimes' staffs are perpetrators and they have the blood of the innocent young Iranian on their hands. They are not capable of exposing the crimes that carried out on Iranian people.

In spite of this, if these delegations still claim to be independent and Impartiality, they can be verified by the following demands, as least the demands of the people,

 1)           Exposing how and why the young people like Sinai Ghanbari, Sarou Ghahremani, Vahid Heidari and..., Were committed suicide!!!

2)    Exposing the executioners who have fulfilled these crimes against prisoners.

3)    Exposing orders from the judicial hierarchy and the management of the prison, for committing these tortures and atrocities.

The Iranian people are waiting to hear the truth about slaughtering their loved ones.


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