Berlin/Washington — Hundreds of people took to the streets of several European cities, Canada and the US expressing solidarity with the Iranian uprising and calling for the Khamenei regime to step down.Hundreds carried out demonstrations in front

of the Brandenburg Gate in Germany in support of Iranian protesters facing repression from the government in the past two weeks.

People around the world held up Iranian flags and signs calling for the removal of the regime. The Iranian government has been accused of funding several militia around the world to prove their military existence in the region instead of using this money to help the Iranian people.

Protesters in Germany called on the German government and the international community to condemn what they called “mass killings” on the streets of Iran. They also called on the Iranian government to take serious steps in releasing protesters and opposition members who have been arrested.

Similarly, hundreds of people crowded in front of the Iranian embassy in France to show solidarity with the uprising in Iran.

Protesters chanted slogans condemning the regime clerics and religious figures, and the government ‘wasting’ their money to support militias abroad.

The mass Iranian protests sweeping the country have continued for almost two consecutive weeks. Protesters have been burning Khamenei pictures and raising pictures of opposition figures like Maryam Rajavi. — Agencies

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