A conference was held in Paris to support Iran uprising and to call for releasing the detainees of the protests. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the Iranian Resistance, was the main speaker of the conference. Representatives from 9 European countries and Ms. Ingrid Betancourt, the former candidate for the presidency in Colombia, took part in the conference.

At the beginning, Mrs. Rajavi expressed her pleasure of meeting the honorable MPs from UK, Germany, Romania, Ireland, Lithuania, Italy, Switzerland, and Malta at the home of the Iranian Resistance and the opportunity to discuss and share the changing circumstances in Iran with them.

In her speech, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, stressed on the contradiction of the genuine teaching of Islam with compulsory religion, religious coercion and compulsory veil, represented by the clerical fundamentalist regime ruling Iran. She underscored that what happened in Iran since December 28, was beyond a protest driven by economic problems, but an uprising and a nationwide movement against the tyrannical regime in its entirety.

Mrs. Rajavi stressed on the role of Europe regard the freedom-seeking movement of the Iranian people. The EU must distance itself from the clerical regime which is doomed to go and the appeasement policy only makes the price for freedom heavier for the people of Iran and fuels war and crises in the region. She pointed to the existence of a democratic alternative in Iran which enjoys popular support and is capable of bringing about change and offering specific plans and structures for future Iran. Mrs. Rajavi told that the alternative guarantees a united and sovereign Iran 

Referring to the fate of the uprising in Iran, Mrs. Rajavi clarified that the parameters that led to the uprising were still in place. Nothing including arrests, torture, and killings could prevent the advancement of the uprising and the regime’s overthrow. Surveys done by the regime showed that the greater majority of Iranian women oppose the compulsory veil. That indicated women’s fury and hatred towards the clerical regime. Women were often at the forefront of the uprising because they have borne the brunt of repression for 39 years under the mullahs. The compulsory veil& the suppression and humiliation of women have been among the most important means for suppression of society



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