On Friday, February 2, 2009, a conference was held in solidarity with the great people of Iran called, “Iran's uprising, International Call for Release of Detainees” with the presence of the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance and the Legislators and Political figures from Italy, France, Malta, Romania, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Switzerland, Slovenia.

 Maryam Rajavi, speaking at the conference, reminded her appeals at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg regarding the European countries for taking effective measures and decisions to force Iran's religious rulers to release prisoners of uprising, and stressed on the freedom of expression and association, and the end to the suppression of women and the abolition of forced hijab in Iran.  "Our point is that 39 years of bloodshed, crime, discrimination, and repression against women and censorship is enough." She said.

She asked the EU to end its silence and inaction, also to distance from the clerical regime, which was doomed to leave the power. Mrs. Rajavi warned that the wrong policy is a hurdle on the way of the Iranian people toward freedom, and worsens the situation in the region, but cannot prevent the regime‘s fall.

Mrs. Rajavi added that any relationship with this regime should be conditioned to halt the executions and crackdowns, due to the fact that the only sides which benefit from the economic relations are Velayat-e faqih’s regime and the Revolutionary Guards, but not the people of Iran. She reiterated the Iranian resistance plan for a free and democratic Iran which includes, separation of religion from the state, equal rights for all ethnic group, the rights and the right to autonomously are in the framework of Iran's territorial integrity, gender equality and the abolition of compulsory veil and all other medieval laws against women.

Participants and speakers at the Conference in their speeches, as well as in a joint statement, emphasized the support of the Iranian people's uprising to overthrow the dictator regime in Iran. They urged the European Union to stop the deal with corporations and individuals affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards and the regime's suppressive bodies. They added that any continuation and growth of economic and political relations with the Iranian regime should be conditional on the release of prisoners and the suspension of executions. They also called for the formation of an international committee by the United Nations to investigate the arrestees and missing people of the uprising in Iran.

The speakers included Lord Anthony Peter Clarke from England, the representative Martin Patzeltfrom Germany, Senator Lucie Campania of Italy, Egidijus Vareikis, Member of the Parliament of Lithuania, representative Romeo Florin Nicoară from Romania, Senator Valeria Cardinali from Italy, representative Mariano Rabinofrom Italy, and Nicola Ciracì from Italy, as well as Ms. Ingrida Betancourt, a former candidate for the presidency of Colombia.

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