In inauguration of the New Year, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi congratulated the Iranian people and commemorated the martyrs of the Iranian people uprising the Past year. She also welcomed the guests from the US, Mr. Rudi Giuliani and the delegation of Albania.She emphasized that the Iranian uprising will not give up until archiving freedom, and mentioned the necessity of following a right strategy and the importance of being organized for the next steps.

She stipulated that the conditions never go back to the circumstances before the uprising.

The spring army is coming and the cold winter of Velayat-e faqih has to go out in its entirety. 

The clerical regime has looted all the resources of the country and now is bankrupt. Khamenei apologies for the misgovernment of his regime but never put finger on the hart of problem which is depraving Iranian people in making decision for their own destiny.

     Mrs. Maryam Rajavi also stated that confronting the regime for its missile program and destabilizing policies in the region is a good step but not enough. The time has come for the world to respect the wish of the Iranian people for regime change and to recognize the democratic alternative to this tyranny regime and to stand with Iranian people.

She saluted the youth of Uprising in Iran and emphasized that the freedom in Iran is achievable by our own struggle.

 In meeting with Rudy Giuliani, the crisis-prone status of the clerical regime, particularly subsequent to the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people, and the need for a firm policy toward the regime as having entered the final phase of its hold on power was discussed.

In the meeting, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi reiterated that the Iranian people in their nationwide uprising clearly and vividly expressed their desire for regime change and their refusal to be satisfied with anything short of the overthrow of the clerical regime.

The most recent anti-regime protests in Iran happened for several weeks in late December and January across Iran with the chants of “death to the dictator” and the slogans that clearly called for regime change. The protests were suppressed by Iranian regime’s security forces with dozens of the death toll and approximately 8,000 arrested, and reports continue to trickle out of detention centers detailing the killings the detainees under torture.

 The Westerners are expected to recognize the opportunity that anti-regime situation represents for the people of Iran and for the future of the entire region. President Tramp used a rare sharp-tongued language in his New Year's greeting to Iranians and used Nowruz to hit Iranian government and the IRGC for their devastated roles in Iran and in the region.

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