In an article about Iranian regime’s The Iranian regime has gone too far by starting a game much bigger than its role, while not being afraid of insulting Jordan.

“Our next responsibility should focus on shattering the Iranian regime’s influence in Syria and Iraq “, adds the newspaper, “and putting an end to regime’s interventions in the affairs of (Persian) Gulf States.

We should turn to international community to come up with binding resolutions for condemning Iranian regime’s measures in the region, and deploy every possible means to ensure their implementation, while emphasizing on good neighborly relations, mutual respect, and non-interference in the affairs of others, something Iran is violating every single day.”

The newspaper points out that the only way to counter the Iranian regime is by supporting the Resistance of Iran, writing “it’s quite possible if we host a conference for PMOI, thousands of whose members have been executed by the Mullahs’ regime, despite the key role PMOI played in 1979 revolution to overthrow Shah. Moreover, the organization is no longer in any terrorist list and acts based on European laws and human rights principles. “

The Jordanian newspaper maintains in the end that an Arabic response to Iranian regime’s interventions and aggressions should be given through widespread and active support of the Iranian opposition, while using any possible means. “The response should also focus on Iranian regime’s gross violation of ethnic and religious minorities as well as human rights”, says the newspaper, “and it’s necessary to work with international decision-making centers to shut Iranian regime’ mouth, which has not been silenced through understanding, shame, or anything else, for that matter. In a word, when a cow goes wild, it needs to be harnessed with a halter

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