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Javad Zarif, the Foreign Minister of Iran’s ruling religious dictatorship is scheduled to meet Federica Mogherini in Brussels on Thursday, January 11. The meeting coincides with the start of the third week of the Iranian people’s uprising. In the past two weeks, Iranians have protested in more than 140 cities and towns throughout Iran, chanting “death to Khamenei”, “death to Rouhani”,

Press Release

Germany’s Federal Prosecutor and Government must act promptly According to information received from sources of the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Iran, the Iranian regime intends to facilitate the departure former head of the regime’s judiciary Mahmoud Shahroodi, from Germany before Federal Prosecutor’s Office issues a possible arrest warrant against him.

 Khamenei: PMOI had organized (the uprising) since a few months ago, they selected some people inside the country; they were also the ones who called on the people to make the people follow them After a deadly and lengthy silence, Khamenei showed up on the thirteenth day of the uprising, and acknowledged the continuation of the uprising. He showed his fear of the anger of people and,

The president-elect of the Iranian Resistance has written a powerful piece for the Wall Street Journal explaining why the current wave of protests in Iran are completely different from the 2009 protests about the rigged re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.Maryam Rajavi, the leader of Iranian opposition coalition the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), wrote:

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, January 6, Despite subzero temperatures today, hundreds of Iranian Americans held their second rally outside the White House in as many weeks to express solidarity with nationwide protests against the clerical regime in Iran.Rally participants repeated chants of anti-regime demonstrators in Iran and thanked the administration and members of Congress for their public support for protestors.


 The protests in Iran are now firmly into their second week and they are showing the cracks in the foundation of the Iranian Regime. Like all dictatorships, the Iranian Regime is set to fall because they don’t have the will of the people behind them.This does not mean that the Iranian people need to overthrow their Regime without outside help; many nations around the world have had help casting off their oppressors,



On Friday, January 5, on the ninth day of the uprising in Iran, in spite of a massive security presence and massive presence of repressive forces, people in many cities rallied.In Tehran, the repressive forces from the anti-riot to the Basijis, the Revolutionary Guards and plainclothes were present in the central parts of the city on foot and mounted.



Berlin/Washington — Hundreds of people took to the streets of several European cities, Canada and the US expressing solidarity with the Iranian uprising and calling for the Khamenei regime to step down.Hundreds carried out demonstrations in front


Fellow freedom-loving compatriots, honorable dignitaries,I would like to salute you for coming together to declare support for the courageous protesters and young men and women rising up in Iran and to commemorate the noble martyrs of Iran’s uprising.Thousands of salutes to the great martyrs of Doroud, Tuyserkan, Noorabad, Izeh, Shahinshahr, Ghahdarijan, Homayounshahr and Jouyabad of Isfahan and other Iranian cities.

Ending the silence on Iran and shattering a 4-decade-old barrier of appeasement of the regime, the UN Security Council’s meeting on Iran is a product of the Iranian people’s uprising, the sacrifice of its martyrs and the suffering of its captives. The world’s major governments had so far turned a blind eye on brutal suppression of our people and executions of 120,000. Iran’s protesters and youths, however,