U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing said that he agreed with President Trump that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should pay a big price for a gas attack on Duma, a Damascus suburb.In response to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s question on agreement with the President Tramp’s statement about Assad who should pay a big price for killing innocent children

by using poisonous gas, Gen. Milley stated, “Absolutely, yes. No question he should," adding that Assad's "ability to use chemical munitions on the innocent needs to be significantly degraded."

Sen. Graham hoped that it would serve as a warning to potential adversaries in North Korea, Iran and Russia.

Gen. Milley said, “I just hope it's a big price. When it is all said and done that Kim Jong-un says, 'hey, that was a big price,' I hope that the Iranians believe that Assad paid a big price, the Russians believe he paid a big price," Graham said. "I hope that they start paying a big price for supporting Assad."

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