Adel al-Jabir called for the withdrawal of the Iranian regime from Arab countries

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister condemned the Iranian regime's press conference following the end of the Arab summit in support of Houthi militias

and its involvement in Arab domestic affairs.Referring to the interference of the Iranian regime in the region,he also called on the international community to take a firm stand against the regime's behavior in the region.


  • Arab League calls for investigation of chemical attacks in Syria in a statement condemning the Iranian regime

The leaders of the Arab League condemned the intervention of the Iranian regime in the affairs of other countries and called for international investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

King of Saudi Arabia condemned the Iranian regime's terrorist acts and interference in the internal affairs of other countries at the beginning of the session.


  • Stealing billions by Iranian regime officials

These days economic corruption has increased in the sovereignty of the Iranian regime, and no government official can deny it, but the highest government officials, including Velayat-e- Faqih(Khaminie) explicitly admit it.


  • The crisis of the decline in the price of the national currency

One of the effects of systematic corruption in the Iranian government is a rising dollar versus against Toman. These fluctuations in the price of foreign exchange in the free market have important economic consequences in Iran's production and trade, and the prices rose more expensive, so that the Iranian people cannot afford to buy, and most of them are under the poverty line.


  • Scavenging by the Iranian people due to poverty

Just in Tehran there are close to five million poor people living in marginal areas of the city of Tehran with its 12-13 million population. You don’t need to prove the high degree of social disintegration and identity crisis in Tehran and other big cities across the country.

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