The crisis of terrorism and fundamentalism, roots, solutions, role of religious dictatorship in Iran

Jan 27, 2015

In a conference held at Council of Europe on Monday January 26, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of Iranian Resistance, described the eviction of Iranian regime from Iraq and Syria as the foremost step to win the fight against fundamentalism.

The conference titled “The crisis of terrorism and fundamentalism, roots, solutions, role of religious dictatorship in Iran” was held at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg upon the invitation of two major political groups: the European People’s Party Group (EPP) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE).

The Iranian opposition leader said: “The Iranian regime’s participation in the anti-ISIS coalition is a hundred times more dangerous than any form of Islamic fundamentalism, under the cloak of Shiite or Sunni Islam,” since that participation would “provide the regime the room to act and to go on the offensive and engulf other regional countries in death and devastation.”

Mrs. Rajavi also expressed abhorrence for crimes such as the slaughter of journalists and opening fire on defenseless people in France. She stated that the spirit of Islam rejects these actions with utmost repugnance.

Mrs. Rajavi underscored the need to help the Syrian people to overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad and warned: “The massacre of hundreds of thousands in Syria and Iraq will not end within these countries; the flames of this war will spread to the whole region and will also reach the heart of Europe.”

The President-elect of Iranian Resistance strongly criticized the notion of cultivating Shiite fundamentalists in order to fight Sunni fundamentalists. She said recognizing a role for Iran in combating ISIS is a dangerous narrative for closing the eyes on the clerical regime’s destructive dominion over the region. She described this as setting the stage for the further “destructive domination” of Shiite militias in Iraq that are supported and directed by Iran. “This would be tantamount to jumping from the frying pan into the fire,” Rajavi said.

Mrs. Rajavi warned: “Acquiescing regime's meddling in Iraq on the pretext of fighting ISIS is a hundred times more dangerous than the nuclear weapons and a prelude to a greater catastrophe.

She criticized the West in its handling of Iranian regime’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and said: “Some policymakers, though out of naiveté, deliberately seek to accept the regime’s interference in Iraq to encourage it in abandoning its nuclear weapons. But if the mullahs become more aggressive in Iraq, they will not abandon their quest for a nuclear bomb.”  

In this conference, presided over by senior Finnish legislator Kimmo Sasi, the following offered speeches: Jordi Xucla, Leader of Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group and Carmen Quintanilla (Spain); Tiny Kox (Netherlands), Leader of Unified European Left Group; Mike Hancock and Alan Meale (Great Britain); Eric Voruz (Switzerland); Senator Bernard Fournier, Frédéric Reiss, Emile Blessig (France); leaders of Italian and Estonian delegations; Egidijus Vareikis (Lithuania); Scott Sims (Canada); Nazir Hakim, General Secretary of Syrian National Coalition political delegation; and Nejat al-Astal, President of the Palestinian delegation in PACE.

Iranian opposition leader accentuated: “The ultimate solution in confronting fundamentalism lies in the overthrow of the Iranian regime as the epicenter of fundamentalism and terrorism. With the regime's downfall, al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah or Houthis will no longer present a serious threat to peace and democracy, will be deprived of power and influence and will ultimately turn into isolated and inconsequential groups.”

“In the face of this destructive force with its source in Tehran, instead of appeasing the mullahs, the international community must recognize the will of Iranian people to overthrow the clerical regime,” Mrs. Rajavi added.

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