Conference: Solidarity of Middle East Nations (report)

Jul 10, 2016

Yemeni delegation is invited to the stage, 

Delegation from Algeria,

Anwar Malek: I thank you Maryam Rajavi, Sid Ahmad Ghozali, and the Syrian delegation and all others. We believe that the MEK and the Syrian revolution are a continuation of the Algerian revolution.

There is no pride in the Khomeini regime who killed 120000 best children of Iran. We salute Maryam Rajavi who has established strong bonds of solidarity between nations of the region. If the regime is not overthrown in Iran, we would not be able to end the wars in the region. I would say the mullahs did not sleep last night after yesterday’s event.

Sharifeh Qadar: 30 percent of all those executed by the Iranian regime have been women.It is regrettable that so many women are being killed in the women’s millenium from Iran, Syria and other country.I would like to declare my solidarity with you. I pay my highest respects to Maryam Rajavi and I am confident that

Ismael Khalafollah: Tehran’s mullah regime is the enemy of peace and tranquility in the region.We strongly condemn the missile attack on Camp Liberty  just recently with 50 missiles. I thank and congratulate you on the successful event yesterday. Our presence here shows our support for you resistance. The NCRI has the capability to lead the region to peace

Hayat Al-Rice, chair of the Authors’ Association in Tunisia: There are not a lot of conferences that the leader is a woman. I am very happy that this woman is an example who is a very thoughtful and wise woman. She will definitely and certainly achieve freedom for Iran. I salute you , I am very hopeful for an Iran led by Maryam Rajavi. When people resolve to achieve freedom, time will have to comply.I salute you for the incredible organization of the amazing event yesterday. I hope that Iran would occupy its place at the height of the world’s culture.

Bahrain delegation presents the support of the majority of the Parliament of Bahrain to the NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi

Delegation from Bahrain : I express my solidarity with sisters and brothers in the Iranian REsistance, Syria, and everywhere they are suffering. I’d like to congratulate Madam Rajavi on the success of yesterday’s gathering and such a big turn out. The people of Bahrain have been able to stand up to the Iranian regime in the Gulf. We call on everyone to unite and stand up to the Iranian regime in the entire region. Each country has to take its own steps against Iranian regime. Freedom lovers in Iran and around the world know well that the Iranian regime is against interests of people in the region. We condemn the Iranian regime’s meddling in the region in violation of human rights.The Iranian regime is responsible for continuing many conflicts in the region, including the Houthis in Yemen. We seek a representative, popular government in Iran. We are with you Madam Rajavi. On behalf of the people of Bahrain, we hope the regime is overthrown soon and you would lead Iran. The IRGC is responsible for the massacre of the people of Syria. Iranian regime’s mercenaries have attacked Camp Liberty with missiles. The regime continues to commit crimes against PMOI/MEK, because it is aware that PMOI is a popular movement. The International community and the UN must seriously condemn human rights violations in Iran .We support safe resettlement of Camp Liberty residents. We support Maryam Rajavi and her movement, they are the only viable solution for the region. This is not just my remarks, but everyone in the region is saying this.

Ali Zayed: We are here to defend what is right and what Maryam Rajavi is representing. I congratulate the Iranian Resistance for this big victory in the gathering yesterday. Turki Faisal’s presence in the gathering was a big blow to the Iranian regime. The Iranian regime is expanding and exporting terrorism to all over the world. Daesh has been created by the Iranian regime, why should it be its enemy.All the countries in the region must stand up to the Iranian regime. Bahrain has suffered a lot because of the meddling of the Iranian regime.Bahrain President must not lose the opportunity to confront the clerical regime.

Bassam Al-Amoush: The Iranian opposition movement promotes women’s equality and it will win. We have to respect women all over the region

Moderator, Bassam Al-Amoush, invites delegation from Bahrain. Before that a videoclip from Camp Liberty

Camp Liberty artist thanks the audience for much needed unity with the Iranian Resistance and nations in the region

Jordanian Delegation,

Mohammad Al-Haj, Member of Parliament, salutes the audience, Maryam Rajavi and residents of Camp Liberty, and the people of Iran. Al-Haj salutes Syrian combatants and the PMOI/MEK and denounces massacre of Syrian people

Al-Haj: We have been with Palestine and we are with the people of Syria. We endorse the cause of Iranian Resistance and the PMOI/MEK

The Jordanian delegation presented the book containing the declaration of the majority of parliament to Maryam Rajavi

Jordanian delegation :Activities of Qassem Soleimani do not serve the interests of the region. Criminal Soleimani is killing people of Syria, Iraq and Yemen and Lebanon. Iranian-backed Hezbollah is threatening us in Jordan. The Iranian regime is committing crimes against everyone in the region.  Maryam Rajavi, you are leading the struggle against the Iranian regime which is an Octopus. The Iranian regime is threatening the future of many generations. God Willing we will see this regime get defeated in Damascus. We must confront this regime in both, Jerusalem and Syria. 

In Jordan, we are standing up to the Iranian regime in Jordan, we confront it in Sana and Damascus. We have to confront the Iranian regime on all ground

Moderator: Once an Iranian official was asked about how the regime was supporting Palestinians. To whom are you sending the support? These are lies, the Iranian regime has never supported the people of Palestine

Delegation from Palestine: The Iranian regime has done everything in its power against the people of Palestine. We urge the int’l community to save the life of sisters and brothers in Camp Liberty. Massoud and Maryam Rajavi are the greatest supporters of Palestinians. This is a magnificent meeting of solidarity, thank you for organizing this event. The Iranian regime has never supported Palestine.It creates crises in Palestine like it does  in Syria. We urge the int’l community to save the life of sisters and brothers in Camp Liberty. When I speak of Camp Liberty, I remember the suffering in Syria. Let us be united together until victory.I salute you all on behalf of the people of Palestine, because you oppose terrorism

Syrian Opposition Delegation underlines common goal of Iranian and Syrian peoples.The clerical regime has devoted its funds and forces to the war in Syria to help support Assad.The clerical regime is not only a threat to Syria but is a danger for the entire Middle EAst region. Syrian delegation urges support from freedom loving people of the world for the Syrian Revolution

Haitham Maleh, from Democratic Opposition addresses the conference. Haitham Maleh called for stronger solidarity between Iranian Resistance and Syrian Revolution to overcome common enemy.

Haitham Maleh: I can’t stress enough on the importance of joint work between Iranian opposition led by Maryam Rajavi and Syrian opposition.

Middle East nations’ solidarity, the only way to defeat Iran’s Velayat-e faqih regime and expel it from the Region.

Conference at the office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Auvers-sur-Oise

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