Maryam Rajavi: Iranian regime's sham elections will not lead to moderation

Mar 05, 2016

In a meeting held at the European Parliament, Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of Iranian Resistance, addressing Iranian regime’s recent sham elections said: “All factions of the Iranian regime share common interests in suppression, terrorism and plunder of public wealth. The sham elections will not lead to moderation.”

The meeting entitled “EU policy on Iran after Nuclear Accord” was held on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 presided by MEP Gerard Deprez, chairman of the Friends of a Free Iran inter-parliamentary group in the European Parliament.

A considerable number of the European Parliament members as well as members of the Belgium’s Parliament and representative of the Syrian Opposition Coalition took part in the meeting and offered speeches. They expressed support for the Iranian Resistance and abhorrence over the undemocratic elections in Iran. The deputies underlined the fact that elections are meaningless under a religious dictatorship and the West must not be deceived by such repetitive theatrics that they have already experienced. There are no moderates in the Iranian regime but there are suppression, religious and ethnic discrimination, interference in the affairs of other countries and warmongering in the region and the world.

In part of her remarks, Mrs. Rajavi said: “The so-called election was held without the presence of any opposition groups. It was in fact a race among present and former officials in charge of torture and executions. The election's outcome will not change anything in the political or economic life of the nation. This regime has no way out towards moderation. All its factions share common interests in domestic suppression and plunder of the public's wealth, as well as in exportation of terrorism.”

The regime's former president Rafsanjani and his cabinet members are pursued by the German, Swiss and Argentine judiciaries for their terrorist crimes in foreign countries. The 2.5 years of Rouhani's presidency is also marked by at least 2300 executions and step up massacre of the people of Syria. Khamenei, who relies on the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), will not abandon power, either. Any change in the regime would lead to its general weakness and entirely paralyze it, ending up in the ultimate overthrow of the regime.

Mrs. Rajavi denounced the European Union's position on violations of human rights in Iran and turning a blind eye on the Iranian regime's complicity in the massacre of the people of Syria. She warned: “The failure to adopt a decisive policy on human rights abuses in Iran will embolden the mullahs to resume their bomb-making project and step up their warmongering in foreign lands, particularly the genocide of the people of Syria.”

“With the money it gets from the West after lifting of sanctions, the Iranian regime buys advanced weapons for Assad to massacre the people of Syria and send waves of refugees to the West,” Mrs. Rajavi said.

She reiterated: “The solution to the tragedy in Syria, the crisis in Iraq and instability in the Middle East will be found only after the IRGC is expelled from those countries. The most dangerous thing is to engage and involve the Iranian regime in the case of Syria.”

The representative of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces stressed on the criminal role of the Iranian regime in the unprecedented massacre of the people of Syria. He called for international censure and decisive measures against the presence of the IRGC and their mercenaries in Syria. If it were not for the presence of the Iranian regime and the IRGC, Bashar Assad had been overthrown years ago, he reiterated.

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