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Panel II: The role of Iran in the region

Jun 30, 2017

The right policy in regards to the Iranian regime.

On Friday, from 15 to 20, there will be three expertise sessions entitled "which side is Iran heeding to" in Paris. The meeting consists of 3 expertise panels:

first panel: Where is Iran heading?, taking part by the like Ambassador Blumfild, John

The first panel: Where is Iran heading?

and : Panel II: The role of Iran in the region, with the presence of such figures as Seyyed Ahmad Ghazali, General Jack Kane, deputy head of the former US Army Chief of Staff, Jean Sylvester Mon Gechi Nige, professor and researcher at the Geopolitical Institute of France, Strawn Stevenson, president of the Iraqi Freedom Association and former deputy representative of the European Parliament , Adam Erley, former ambassador to Bahrain,Michael Parjent, Middle East analyst from the Hudson Foundation of Thought and Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras the former Vice-President of the European Parliament

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Trump sets the stage for new policy toward #Iran
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Tehran Municipality pays twice more salaries than it has staff.#iran
.#Iran regime unveils new comprehensive legal system for Internet
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