Who we are

We are the organizing committee of the major Iranian gatherings in Paris.

We represent Iranian communities from all over the world; from the Middle East to the Far East; from Europe to North America and Australia. These highly educated, successful communities have come to Diaspora primarily in protest against the Islamic extremism that has been ruling in Iran for the past 36 years.

We have different backgrounds and represent different strata of Iranian society, with diverse social and political views, including those of religious and ethnic minorities.

But we are all united in one objective: We want a free, democratic, secular, non-nuclear Iran. We want regime change in Iran and we believe that Iranians themselves can bring this about.

We are the voice of the enchained people of Iran who cry for freedom and change. And in our quest to liberate our nation we enjoy the growing support of a wide-ranging group of political, social, and religious dignitaries and community leaders from all over the world. 

This support will be evident in the Paris Grand Gathering of the Iranian communities.


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