Live report on free Iran gathering against mullah’s regime

2030:Ireland delegation : An Irish delegation expresses supports of the Iran gathering for democracy and freedom in Iran. 

2000:G.George Casey: elives that there is no government in the world that support terrorism and at the same time can be a good member of the international community

1920:Giulio Terzi from Italy: European governments have to put human rights issue prior to the economic relations regard the Iranian regime

1910: John Baird: is proud of closing the Iranian regimes embassy in Ottawa and cutting ties with this regim

1900:The commanders and the persons in charge over 14 severe years of resistance against mullah’s regime and its poppets in the Iraqi government at camps Ashraf and liberty, pledged continuing the resistance until achieving a free Iran

1845:Elona Gjebrea from  Albania: our brothers and sisters are living in peace and freedom in Albania and the transfer of these people was a big operation

1840:Louis Freeh says Iranian resistance will prevail because never gave up

1835:Michael Mukasey :Invites the civilized world to join to stop uncivilized Iranian regime

1830:Tom Ridge Former United States Secretary of Homeland Security invites a globe rising for a free IRAN

Tom Ridge: Only your group with a clear vision for a future #Iran led by a Muslim woman can realize a 

1820:Ed Rendell says that regime change is Iranian people duty but the US have to stay behind them

1810:Bernard Kouchner, ex French FM: The clerical regime in Tehran is the base for Islamic extremism.

1800:Theresa Villier: We pay tribute to Maryam Rajavi who leads the struggle for a democratic future for Iran.

1750:Sir David Amess British politician stated that Khamenei is in a weak point whilst Iranians are in a explosive position

1720:Tom Garrett  Jr.United States Representative :The freedom lover people of the US love the freedom lover people of Iran

1715:Ted Poe states the young generation must bring the mullahs to justice

1700:Joseph Lieberman, a former Senator and vice presidential candidate: from1978 the capital of fundamentalism has been in Iranan #Paris

1650:Amir Turki al-Faisal: your straggle for releasing all nations of Iran is needed

1630:Newt Gingrich :I am very impressed by the dedication of your movement

1620: Rudy Giuliani: time has come to regime change in Iran

1610:freedom in Iran is Known by the name of Maryam Rajavi as the counter terrorism in the U.S. is known by the name of Rudy Giuliani

Senator Torricelli said in part that with Maryam Rajavi, Iranian people would have their freedom and the right to live a prosperous life

1600:Mrs. Maryam Rajavi Commemorates the Martyrs of the resistance by putting flowers on their images

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi:… the might inside you can overthrow the tyranny religious rulers

1530:Mrs. Maryam Rajavi: .. enlist IRGC in the black list

NCRI’s annual Gathering

Maryam Rajavi:

This is the time of discrediting the henchmen until they are accountable before of the Iranian nation

Maryam Rajavi:

While a nation offers a democratic alternative it means achieving a great assets

1520: Maryam Rajav:

The overthrowing of the regime is attainable


Mryam Rajavi: Maryam Rajavi,”this Iran gathering is under effect of 3 great events transferring members of resistance to Albania, failing Khamenei in Engineering the election and failing the appeasement policy.”

1515:Maryam Rajavi,”this gathering is under effect of 3 great events transferring members of resistance to Albania, failing Khamenei in Engineering the election and failing the appeasement policy.”

1505:Mrs. Maryam Rajavi honored the guests who joined the rally for a free Iran and to free Iran

1500: Mr. Maryam Rajavi is interning to the conference, the Iranians, participants and supporters of the Iranian resistance, welcoming her him with their slogans and she will gives lectures as soon.

1445:President of ISJ, resistance against mullah’s regime made our lives meaningful

1440:Delegation of Poland who has experienced dictatorship supports Iranian resistance for freedom

1420:Nasr Al-Hariri from the Syrian negotiation delegation declare solidarity with the Iranian Resistance

1400:John Bolton U.S. ambassador to the UN (2005-2006), the new U.S. President is against the regime of Iran

1345:After declaring the French mayors and women delegations the programme continues by an Iranian artist display Mrs. Shakeri

1335: The U.S. resident Iranians take part in the Iranian grand gathering

Saturday July 1, 2017- 1320 At the beginning of the rally the Iranian athlete, Filabi world champion, supports the rally on behalf of the Iranian athletes supporters of the Iranian resistance for democracy

Saturday July 1, 2017- 1300-Iranian opposition convention in Paris supporting Maryam Rajavi, President of the National Council of resistance of Iran  , is going to begin soon, a lot of prominent personalities, experts, parliamentarians and representatives of various communities and countries will participate and they will give lectures.


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