The political conditions on the verge of decisive upheaval for the cleric regime ruling Iran

Following U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the JCPOA, the international and domestic changes regards the political environments are accelerating. The driven to despair politicians and senior figures from all the rival faction of the cleric regime ruling Iran, utter unprecedented statements indicating their fear of the destined misfortune.

The attempt of the regime’s officials to avoid shoulder the blame of signing the amiss nuclear deal proves the stalemate situation of the regime.

Mainly Ali Khamenei Iranian regime supreme leader has tried to show off being beyond reproach by shifting his position on the Iran nuclear deal attempting to distance himself from any negative consequences. It is now known that all the while, Iranian nuclear negotiators enjoyed his blessing to become completely involved in talks with the United States. But following Trump’s pullout from the JCPOA, Khamenei swiftly changed his stance and claimed, “Didn’t I say you can’t trust their words?” And said that he had told the negotiator team “to get true guarantees before entering any agreements.”

Whilst many officials count on European countries to find a solution for their dire problem, to escape any responsibility in case of failure, Khamenei said “I don’t trust these three countries either,” referring to the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

To defend his faction, Rouhani responded that the JCPOA, as a national achievement did not belong to any faction but to the entire regime.

“We’re all on the same ship, and if this ship is damaged, we will all suffer. We should focus our efforts on maintaining this ship intact,” said Ali Sofi, a figure close to Rouhani.

“Looking at different corners across the country, we come to this conclusion that crisis-rendering wounds are being opened one after another and sooner than later Iran will be engulfed in crisis,” one outlet wrote.

“The main issue at hand is not the JCPOA being intact or canceled. The main problem is within ourselves… harsh circumstances await us” and “God forbid we may actually witness an economic, or even national crumbling of the entire state,” various figures add, such as Mostafa Tajzadeh.

So both rival faction inside Iran’s regime acknowledge the dangerous impasse and dead and are fully aware that their regime is left to choose bad from worse.

Even if the regime enters a new round of talks “It is now crystal clear that his second JCPOA will be very negative in comparison to the first round. Even if the negotiating team seeks guarantees from the Europeans, which [Khamenei] believes is unlikely, this second JCPOA will be nothing like the initial version,” according to the state-run Sharq daily.

The regime feels that the era of gaining privileges from the outside world and the West actually ends, they almost approached everything they did. They used to score points for terrorism and the development of nuclear weapons and the missile program, and all of them. Now they are afraid that people will receive this message and fear that their own guards will get the message that the situation has changed.

Apart from all ups and downs, in the end, the Iranian regime has just two option and must choose between the return of crippling sanctions and the pre-JCPOA circumstances under the UN Charter’s Chapter 7 conditions, or give in to demands and enter new negotiations with bloodied knees. This will lead to further and increasing demands on changing aggressive foreign policy and stopping missiles program, which collapses the pillars of the dictatorial regime’s existence.

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