PMOI/MEK, Eagles fly over Iran and dive toward freedom

By Alla Kamel Shobaib

PMOI/MEK, Eagles fly over Iran

If the Iranian regime had an image of the consequences that are now happening throughout Iran as the results of closing Camp Ashraf in Iraq, the base of the Iranian opposition group (PMOI/MEK), with all the crimes and massacres and violations that were carried out by its Iraqi mercenaries under the command of Qassem Soleimani, surely it would not have fulfilled that criminal evacuation. When the clerical regime commanded the attack on Ashraf, it did not know that it was an attack on the eagles’ nest which made them soar in the sky, not to flee but to dive toward the Iranian people’s freedom violator and the sedative and trouble maker regime in the region and the world.

The Iranian regime has tried all means to hold its grip on power, particularly, it destroyed and scattered most of its opponents and rivals. But the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI /MEK) is the only group that withstood steadfast against this regime, did not give up, was not reduced to silence under any circumstances, and did not leave the battleground. On the contrary, it intensified its struggle and with an epic determination went to the core of the challenges. Therefore, the Iranian people have found a unique example in this resistance. Therefore, Camp Ashraf and its represented glorious human thoughts, had such a significant effect on the people of Iran, that not only was not terminated with the closure of Camp Ashraf but on the contrary, this event was tantamount to a greater, more powerful and more significant episode. A new era that dragged the conflict to the depth of the Iran territory.


Camp Ashraf was promising and calling for freedom all the time, persisting that living without freedom is insignificant and futile, emphasizing on freedom as the most significant feature of mankind. In a meeting with regime officials, when Qasim Soleimani stressed that the regime had achieved its most important goal since its founding by closing Camp Ashraf, he was suggesting that Ashraf residents and their beliefs and initiatives have been terminated forever. But when the uprising broke out on December 28, 2017, the regime’s Supreme Leader was shocked before Soleimani. Not only the beliefs of Ashrafi’s echoed among the protestors, but 142 cities turned into Ashraf city, rose against the clerical regime, crying the slogans ‘Death to the dictator’, ‘death to Khamenei and Rouhani’. An uprising that is not going to end and now, daily, the regime is facing a risen city and protest activities. The regime is realizing that violence and suppression gears against the people who carry Ashrafi’s thoughts do not work anymore. There is no doubt that the regime is now faced with different scenes and the rules of the game have changed fundamentally and this regime can no longer continue as before. The clerical regime has reached a crucial juncture, incapable to pass through it. That is the era of the great change in Iran.

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