Iranian Resistance Annual “Free Iran” Gathering

By Soheila Dashti

Iranian Resistance Annual “Free Iran” Gathering

The announcement for the largest gathering of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the PMOI, held annually in Paris, was aired on Simay-e Azadi TV Channel recently.

To set up such a magnificent ceremony every year, bringing together freedom lovers from all over the world including those from Iran, indicates a tremendous commitment on the part of the Iranian Resistance. A commitment, beyond all pragmatic assessments, resolved to carry out the task of overthrowing of the entire clerical dictatorship in Iran.

This year’s gathering of the Iranian resistance in Paris is particularly important given the rapid changes taking place in the Iranian political and social scene, nationally and internationally.

The continuation of the widespread uprising indicates a new era in the Iranian political environment.

During last December’s uprising the Iranian people shouted slogans such as “Reformist, fundamentalist the game is over “, and, “Death to dictator, death to Khamenei (the supreme leader).”  The people of Iran have expressed their desire for a regime change through these chants.

The Isfahan farmers’ protest, teachers’ protests in 32 different cities, the astonishing uprising of Kazerun, and the currently ongoing strikes of truck drivers in over 270 cities signify the continuation of the uprisings despite the high degree of cruelty displayed by the regime in its crackdown against people.

The regime has shown a bewildering capability to commit cruelty.  For example by killing detainees telling the families that it was a suicide, or, as it happened in Kazerun, shooting to death young protesters who demonstrated to preserve their city’s historic and demographic texture.

The rapidly changing condition of the country is so real that emerging crises, protests, and confrontations between disaffected people and the ruling mullahs are expected on daily basis.

The social and political conditions can be analysed from different aspects, but the members and supporters of the Iranian resistance do not stop there. They do not intend to maintain the status quo or simply follow the quixotic idea of reforming it.  But they are determined to make a profound change in the social environment of Iran even if it may seem unrealistic at times.

They are creating a model for tomorrow’s free Iran.

The historians, free from Shah and Mullahs’ bowdlerizing, will write and people will know that the Iranian resistance’s ability to overcome all the hurdles was not by accident or a miracle, but was due to an all-out effort of many years.

Let us remember an event from the near history dating back to late December 1977. On the New Year’s Eve, in the Niavaran Palace, Tehran.  On that occasion, the United States’ then-President Jimmy Carter and Iran’s Shah were toasting and giving speeches about an “island of stability in one of the most troubled areas of the world” referring to Iran under the iron fist rule of Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi.

At that time not many believed an emerging tsunami on the “Island of stability”. But suddenly, it all changed and in a matter of few month, the Shah’s regime was toppled during the 1979 Iranian revolution.

In this year’s “Free Iran” gathering, the Iranian diaspora aims to tell the world that the Iranian regime will soon be overthrown at the hands of the Iranian people. And that, there is a powerful and popular alternative that will be able to achieve democracy for Iranian people. An alternative that did not and will not bow to political bullies during the period of its resistance for freedom, instead resolutely held the helm for the peoples’ struggle for their rights and steered it in the correct direction.

The fight between the Iranian Resistance and the Velayat-e faqih’s regime gains momentum as the time goes.

The supreme leader and his cohorts will be ousted from their absolute power, and the people must be able to exercise their own power via democratic institutions.

“The fight against the anti-human regime is not limited and partial, but the transfer of power to the people is the main goal,” Mr. Massoud Rajavi, the leader of Iranian resistance, has repeatedly emphasized.

On June 30, 2018, at the “Free Iran” gathering, we will show the world together that there is a popular alternative that echoes the true voice of the Iranian people to the world.


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