Truck drivers in Iran marked of their national strike

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Truck drivers in Iran marked of their national strike : on June 1 despite the government’s approval of a 20 percent increase in transportation fees on May 26. The protesters are demanding a 40% increase to cover the increasing costs of fuel, spare parts and insurance.  in various cities including Mashhad, Isfahan, Zarrinshahr, Najaf Abad, Shiraz, Fasa, Darab, Khorramshahr, Andimeshk, Behbahan, Bandar Mahshahr, Zanjan, Qazvin, Saveh, Kermanshah, Kangavar, Kerman, Jalalabad, Jiroft, Baft, Anar, Rafsanjan, Bam, Bardsir, Siris, Zarand, Golgohar, Khorramabad, Aligoudarz, Shahrekord, Sari, Hamedan and others continued their strike.

With protests growing, Iran is facing the point of no return

As strikes and protests expand across Iran and people from all walks of life lose their patience, the society’s explosive conditions have reached a point that this powder keg may explode at any moment. This is an undeniable reality and a long slate of Iranian regime officials are acknowledging by voicing concerns. “The people’s tolerance limit is decreasing and they are showing serious reactions to even the smallest issues,” said Ali Shakuri Rad, a former member of the Iranian regime’s so-called parliament. If the West rises to its duties or continues its appeasement vis-à-vis the Iranian regime, the Iranian people and their resistance will never forgo their rightful demands. Their efforts to establish freedom and democracy will redouble, and only this will bring peace to the region and the world.

Iran under sanctions for human rights violations

The U.S. Treasury Department has recently blacklisted six new individuals and three entities for their role in Iran’s crackdown and human rights violations.The U.S. Congress had in the past slapped human rights sanctions on Iran. With these new measures, however, the U.S. administration is linking all the recently levied sanctions specifically to human rights violations, quelling and censorship.To this day Western powers would not associate these subjects to their policy.The Iranian people have time and again announced that the Iranian regime’s exporting of terrorism abroad is a cover for their domestic crackdown

Iran continues effort to obtain WMD technology, says German Intel  :the Iranian regime continues its effort to obtain the necessary technology for weapons of mass destruction, according to an intelligence report issued last week by Germany’s Baden-Wurttemberg state, where a large number of the country’s specialized technology and engineering companies are based. Needed now is a united international front compelling the Iranian regime to bring an end to its long slate of belligerence. Such a coalition will be standing shoulder to shoulder with the Iranian people.