Where is Iran headed after nuclear deal?

By Reza Shafiee

ANALYSIS: Where is Iran headed after Trump’s nuclear deal withdrawal?

United States withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) came as shock to the clerical regime in Tehran. Iranian people have put up with their undesirable regime far too long. Nearly 40 years the theocratic regime loudly bragged about its advertised brand of Islam and when confronted by human rights defenders came up with a ridiculous excuse of having “cultural differences” with the rest of the world. Iran continued to undertake… efforts to obtain goods and know-how to be used for the development of weapons of mass destruction and to optimize corresponding missile delivery systems,” said the intelligence document, reviewed by FoxNews.com.

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  2. Iranian people have made their mind about the Iranian regime long ago. They are fed up with this regime and want to change it. The EU can help by not standing in the way.

 Iran facilitated passage of 9\ 11 attackers, Iranian politician says

Mohammad-Javad Larijani, a former diplomat, member of a politically influential Iranian family, and current international affairs assistant in the Iranian judiciary, made the comments in an interview with Iranian state TV on May 30, according to an Al Arabiya report. The interview translation was independently confirmed by The Daily Caller News Foundation. Larijani acknowledged this lawsuit in his interview with Iranian state TV and said he believes the U.S. incorrectly took the airport facilitation as evidence of direct Iranian involvement, despite confirming Iran’s involvement in the interview.

Scenes of how Iran’s people boycotted “Quds Day” rally : – Despite scenes portrayed in the Iranian regime’s state-run media, activists took to social media and posted very telling videos of how people in dozens of cities boycotted the ridiculous “Quds Day” rally launched each year by authorities marking the last Friday of Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims.

Iran’s regime and the ever-growing impasse

The United States’ decision to exit the Iran nuclear deal and its following developments continue to be major international issues of discussions. All eyes are on Iran to see the regime’s response to these troubling times.

Senior Iranian regime officials had time and again said if U.S. President Donald Trump exits the nuclear deal they won’t waste a second to respond. What we witnessed, in reality, has been in far contrast. The more pressing matter is the undeniable reality of increasing protests, placing the regime before unprecedented circumstances. Describing Iran’s society as a powder keg is now considered a very mild approach.The international community should also pressure Tehran to end its meddling across the Middle East, ordering the Revolutionary Guards and all associated proxies back to bring an end to their atrocities. This will end the Iranian people’s God-given wealth being wasted throughout the region and actually increase the West’s security.

A Study Of Iran’s Uprising Says: A “Revolution” Is Brewing In Iran!

The nationwide uprising in Iran, which began on December 28, 2017, and in January 2018 in more than 140 cities across the country, sparked a lot of debate about the future of Iran. The wave of protests and strikes by the various strata of the people of Iran has been going on intensively since then in everywhere in Iran. A new study was written by Dr. Ramesh Sepehrrad, a scholar-practitioner at the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (SCAR) at George Mason University, published in the journal E-International Relations on May 21st draws attention to the growing unrest in Iran it is clear that a “revolutionary movement” has now emerged and the so-called “reformist” camp “can no longer hijack and derail the popular movement for real change because the movement now is calling for a revolution and not a phantom reform.”




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