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A Democratic Alternative To Replace The Mullahs In Iran

A Democratic Alternative To Replace The Mullahs In Iran

The foreseen downfall of the mullahs in Iran promises an end to war and bloodshed in that country and the Middle-East due to the existence of a powerful and organized alternative movement that guarantees the end to war and chaos created by the Iranian regime.

The nationwide uprising at the end of 2017 and continuation of protests on daily basis in Iran promise a forthcoming and inevitable change in the country with the downfall of the mullahs’ regime. But the regime’s lobbyists in the west, fearing such outcome, are making absurd claims disturbing the political grounds and the media aiming to somehow delay the fall.

These lobbyists claim that Iran and all the region will risk severe turmoil in case the mullahs are gone and they use the current situations in Libya, Syria, and Yemen as examples.

Trying to warn their audience, these lobbyists raise questions such as if “there is a reliable alternative to the current regime, capable to rule Iran after the overthrow of the Mullahs?”

What they try to reach at is the unfounded conclusion that the only pathway is to continue to support the current mullahs’ regime otherwise the situation may get worse than it is right now.

But, regime lobbyists should come to terms with the fact that the misguiding appeasement policy with respect to Iranian regime has now reached a complete dead-end.

What is the reality?

More than 100 years of struggle for freedom by the Iranian people, has borne fruit by the formation of a democratic alternative for Iran. The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) is the exact antithesis of the clerical regime ruling the country.  This is true looking from all aspects including thoughts, political, and economical stand point.

Over the last four decades, this democratic Alternative has proven that it is ready to pay the necessary price for the overthrow of the mullahs and has more than 120,000 martyrs to demonstrate that.

Through the time, this democratic Alternative has proven itself to be worthy over and over again passing through some tough times in the struggle against the mullahs.  The alternative has shown the capability to stand firm in difficult circumstances during its fight against this fundamentalist regime.

One of the main characteristics of this alternative is its being well-organized and coherent, which provides it with the competence to keep control of the affairs in a democratic way and manage anomalous conditions after the overthrow of mullahs.

This alternative calls for an Iran free of all nuclear activities. This is the same body that for the first time unveiled the mullahs’ clandestine nuclear program and made the world aware about the great danger of arming the “godfather of the global terrorism” to the most dangerous weapon of all times.

The overthrowing of the clerical regime and the establishing of a democratic alternative, will undoubtedly lead to an end to a long period of war and bloodshed in the Middle East.  This will be a chance for the world to once again witness a peaceful coexistent Iran with its neighbors and the world.  That is because the NCRI is committed to developing peaceful relationships with all countries and makes it its policy to avoid interference in the affairs of other countries.

Another plan for the future of Iran, presented by the NCRI, is secularism or ‘separation of religion and the state’, fully in line with the human rights charter.

The president-elect of the Iranian democratic alternative is Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, who is a Moslem woman. Her presidency will ensure an ending to the extended discriminations created by the Mullahs and their misogynistic and inhumane laws against women after overthrowing of the clerical regime.

Mr. Rajavi believes that the best indication of a democratic and progressive society is the scale of the presence of women at the leadership and political power. This alternative has clearly offered a great example in this filed and women hold key roles in the Iranian resistance.  This will guarantee a democratic future for Iran and a great sample for all movements against religious fundamentalism.

Therefore, contrary to the claims of the regime’s supporters and lobbyists, indeed the roots of war and terrorism in the troubled region of Middle East are the mullahs. So, not only the overthrow of the mullahs will not cause more war and bloodshed in Iran and the region, but the existence of a powerful and organized alternative to the regime guarantees the end of war and chaos that the mullahs have created in the region.

The achievement of peace and stability in the region are desired by all the people who are fed up with bloodshed under the banner of religion and Islam. The overthrow of the mullahs and replacement of their regime with a democratic, non-nuclear, and peaceful government promises the arrival of a time for peace and prosperity in the Middle East.