We will give our support to the Iranian alternative

We give our support to the Iranian alternative

Roger Godsiff

Too long the people of Iran have been oppressed by one of the most ruthless regimes in the world, which has got no regard whatsoever for the human rights of the Iranian people. And the Iranian people have suffered terribly over the years because of the theocratic regime and it was hard days there for the eventually the people of Iran in very large numbers decided to take to the streets to protest and to try to bring about change. Unfortunately, people haven’t succeeded until now but those desires to change the regime are not going to go away and I hope very much indeed international opinion will support the people of Iran in seeking to bring about change and seeking to have an Iran where the people of Iran can determine through free and fair elections who they want to govern them and how to be governed. As the regime they have at the moment and it’s totally dominated by the mullahs, by their thinking which is going back hundreds and hundreds of years, and they are no friends of the Iranian people and the sooner they got rid of them, the best of the people of Iran.

Iranian alternative

The Worldwide Supports For The Iranian alternative

 I’m sure it gives a great support and hope to the people in Iran for them to be over to see such a huge number of people up to 80-100 thousand people actually come in and showing their support for the Iranian alternative. For the Iranian alternative must give a great deal of comfort to those people in Iran who wants bring about regime change and I hope very much indeed, that this year’s gathering will be as successful as one previously. I’m sure it will be and that there will be a large number of international speakers who will attend the occasion and give their support to the Iranian alternative and to the people of Iran.

Italian Senators Support Annual Iranian alternative Convention In Paris

In Iran cannot just be something that happens Iran itself doesn’t have any influence on countries in the west, in America and other countries. Iran is a major export of terrorism through Hezbollah and Revolutionary Guards. They destabilize the region. They interfere in other countries in the region and those consequences are not just for those countries but it also has consequences for western countries who have for example a large number of refugees who fled their countries, where Hezbollah influence destabilize regime brought about population movements we have seen recently. President Trump has pulled out the nuclear deal which was agreed between America, EU, and Iran and we will have to see what happens. But there is no doubt whatsoever President Trump is no lover of the current Iranian regime and he promised during the election he was gonna pull out the deal. It should not surprise people he pulled out. What would he do next? We have to wait and see.

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