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human rights abuses in Iran, against the most basic rights

Nassrin Sotoudeh, lawyer of human rights defendants, was rearrested. Ms. Sotoudeh was arrested at home in on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, and transferred to the Prosecutor’s court of Evin. There is no information available on the.

A group of people in Sanandaj, Iran, gathered to protest against the execution sentence of political prisoner RaminHosseinPanahi. The Iranian regime said that he would be hanged after the month of Ramadan.

women were banned from wearing traditional dress in public Kurdish women were banned from wearing traditional dress in public. This was announced by the Security Council of Oshnavieh, West Azerbaijan Province in northwestern

How Iran Regime’s Repressive Policies Affect Even Football

June 14th marks the start of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. As football is the most popular sport in Iran, Iranian media has been discussing the impact that the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal has had on football.

Iranian women are banned from entering stadiums to watch the games, as this is regarded as being against Islam. Gender-based discrimination is against FIFA’s rules, and is one of the reasons Iran may not host international football tournaments. When Iranian teams host foreign football teams as part of Asian qualification games, the Islamic Republic attempts to meet the criteria by allowing a small group of foreign female football fans to watch the game — seating them in a separate part of the stadium.

Then, there’s the problem of Israel. The Islamic Republic of Iran does not recognize the state of Israel. Iranian footballers are banned from playing against Israeli teams. Iranian footballers who play in European clubs face a complicated situation if their teams play against Israeli clubs, because if Iranian footballers do not play, they face heavy sanctions by FIFA. If they do play, they may face punishment from Iranian authorities

The directors of at least 10 Iranian football clubs are current or former commanders of the military forces – the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC). Their positions derive from the IRCG’s financial and lobbying powers. Iran’s military institutions indirectly impact football.

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