Iranian Grand Gathering In Paris – Past And Present

Iranian Grand Gathering In Paris – Past And Present : Since they started, the annual rally of the Iranian resistance in Paris, each year has been accompanied with enormous success and great advancements.

The memories of those achievements will always stay in the minds of all anonymous Iranians who work very hard each year to organize the events.

All the previous Iranian Grand gatherings, up until now, despite their great achievements, were held at a totally different political condition.

In the past, the clerical regime continuously made an all-out effort to mobilize its forces using internal and external collaborators to annihilate the Iranian resistance.

Iranian Grand Gathering In Paris July 2017

Iranian grand gathering

The Iranian Resistance, on the other hand, insisted on the slogan, “death to the principle of Velayat-e faqih.”  It also insisted on its aim to overthrow the Iranian mullahs’ regime as the only solution to liberate the Iranian people and bring peace to the region.

The stances of the Iranian resistance was based on the fact that the clerical regime ruling Iran is the main source of the bloodshed in the region and the ongoing wars in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

The resistance also insisted that the mullahs were the main state sponsor of international terrorism.

The resistance believed that regime’s regional and external behavior emanates from the backward nature of mullahs’ ideology and is intertwined with the internal oppression of the Iranian people.

This year the Iranian Grand  gathering will take place in a totally different political condition.

This year the “Free Iran” Gathering will take place after the great uprising of last December in Iran.

The uprising literally put an end to the prominence of the appeasement policy of the west. The appeasement policy brought the mullahs a lot of windfall concessions and emboldened them to continue the suppression of the Iranian people and their expansionism in the region.

This year’s gathering is taking place when the United States has withdrawn from the nuclear deal and crippling economic sanctions are being restored, and when the IRGC has been designated as a terror organization by the US Treasury.

 Iranian Grand gathering.

And, as the most significant parameter, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK) which is the main force advocating “regime change” in Iran, stands in a completely different balance of power with the mullahs’ regime and is on the highest state of readiness and alert waiting to fulfil its aim to topple the regime.

So, this Iranian Grand Gathering gathering is an on-going gathering, a meeting of solidarity with the uprising for overthrowing the tyrannical regime in Iran.

This gathering is about conveying the message of cities that were part of the uprising last December in Iran to the world.

And, also sending the message to the protestors that everyone in the gathering stands behind them supporting the uprising. And, to cleanse Iran and the region from the presence of the anti-national and anti-humane clerics once and for all.

When the crowd gathers at Villepinte, the real power and strength of the democratic alternative and the ongoing protests in Iran will be evident.

This will have a very important impact on changing the balance in favor of the uprising and against the enemy of the Iranian people.

Iranian Grand Gathering will hold In Paris 30th jun

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