Iranian opposition convention in Paris, is being welcomed by MEPs

Iranian opposition convention in Paris, is being welcomed by MEPs

This year’s Iranian opposition convention in Paris, scheduled for June 30th, is being welcomed by more lawmakers, Members of the European Parliament and French Mayors.

MEPs from Croatia, Estonia, Finland and the United Kingdom sent a separate message supporting the Iranian people’s uprising and their call for democracy and human rights, in addition to announcing their intention to participate in the Free Iran rally.

David Drew, Member of Parliament for the Stroud constituency, which is in the west of England, sends solidarity message to the June 30 ‘#FreeIran2018’ convention

Iranian opposition convention

My name is saving true I am the Member of Parliament for the strike constituency which is in the West of England I’m just record in this to show my solidarity for allthose Iranians that a moment are demonstrating on demanding their freedom clearly I’ve supported the opposition in Iran for a great many years and I would just liketo say in my own words how important it is that people see Mond thoughts human rights should be central to a democratic Iraq it can only be achieved throughproper. Democratic means but people have got to express themselves not is what he’s going on and in that moment in Iran this must demonstrations the mullahsHuffington take no steps they have to realize a new Iran is coming on in Iran that will be based on the freedom of law the freedom of religion on the Freedom offpolitical speech that is so essential to any country on is the U.K. goes through its own problems at the moment we’ve said it’s just so important to reach our record mysaw friends in other parts of the world such as Iran are getting off support so I wholeheartedly support the protests so I support the move towards freedom I supportthe moves towards a new and better Iraq

Anders Primdahl Vistisen, a Danish politician and Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Denmark. He is a member of the Danish People’s Party, part of the European Conservatives and Reformists.

Iranian opposition convention

I’m Anders Vistisen and I’m the first Vice Chair of the European Union’s foreign affairs committee. I’m here to talk to you about the situation in Iran. Iran have for many years successfully been able to spread terrorism, extremism, fundamentalism and instability in the region. And they have also been holding their own population in a stronghold, where they have deprived them of central human rights and everyday life, the Iranian citizens is a living hell. Therefore we have seen a courageous uprising from Iranian citizens in the last year and the beginning of this year. These protests I support full heartedly and I hope that they will succeed and therefore I also sent my best regards to the Iranian opposition when they meet in Paris on the 30th of June, to have really a congress for free Iran.

  1. mehrandish20 says

    🔥I wish all Iranians freedom and democracy with Maryam Rajavi, I am proud of all the support.

  2. farhad says

    Thanks to the supporters of the resistance. You are in the heart of the Iranian people

  3. your ferend says

    Free Iranian friends will always remain in the hearts of the Iranian people

  4. mostafa says

    I sincerely thank you for supporting the people and the Iranian resistance

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