Majority of Italian senate support Iranian Grand Gathering, 30th June

Majority of Italian senate support Iranian Grand Gathering , 30th June

Statement by the majority of the Italian Senate representatives to support the uprising of the Iranian people and the great gathering of Iranians on June 30, 2018.
The statement has been signed by a majority of the representatives, among the signatories, the names of 11 members of the Board of directors of the Senate include a Senate Deputy Speaker, 2 Moderators, and 8 Senate secretary.

Iran appeal – Great Iranian rally, June 30th

The Statement reads 

For almost four decades the theocratic dictatorship in Iran systematically violates Human Rights and has been repeatedly condemned for this. Over 120,000 people, including dissidents and activists for democracy and human rights, were hanged and in some cases, their family members were subjected to arbitrary arrests, atrocious torture, and hangings. In the summer of ’88, the Iranian regime, in just two months, slaughtered 30,000 political prisoners, because they were dissidents and for the support of the opposition movement of the people’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI). Amnesty International has mentioned this “crime against humanity” that the perpetrators must be brought to justice. According to the UN report, Iran is in first place for the number of hangings related to its population.

Despite the harsh and violent oppression of the regime in Iran, the world witnessed, in December and January, the wave of the uprising that in a few days has spread to more than 140 cities in the country. The most repeated slogans in the demonstrations were “Reformists, Extremists, the game is over!”, “Death to Khamenei and Rouhani!”, “Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, I sacrifice myself for Iran!” And “Forget about Syria, think of us!” That expressed the real demands of the Iranian population for the change of regime and the arrest of its terrorist and warmongering expansionism.

We express solidarity and support to the demands of the Iranian people, launched in recent popular demonstrations. Khamenei, the spiritual leader of the regime on January 9th declared that: “Organizers of the uprising in Iran were the PMOI. We have precise information that they [the PMOI] had planned, prepared and organized for months. “Many other regime authorities have affirmed and admitted the key role of the PMOI and their supporters in Iran in organizing the uprisings and its continuity in many cities of the country.

The political condition in Iran has changed; the Iranian people has raised to change the regime and to establish freedom and peace in Iran and stability in the Middle East. We call on European governments and the international community to change their appeasement policy. Every relationship with the Iranian regime must be conditioned to stop of torture and execution, the launching of ballistic missiles and the export of terrorism and the belligerent provocations in the region.

We also support the great gathering of the Iranians in Paris, on June 30, in support of the demands of the uprising of the people who took to the streets in Iran. We are appealing the Italian Government and the international community to stand on the side of the people of Iran and to recognize the National Council Resistance of Iran (NCRI) as the real alternative to the regime in power in Iran. We also support the 10-point by Ms. Maryam Rajavi, the president elected of the NCRI, for a Republican and democratic Iran based on the separation of religion and government, gender equality, respecting rights of ethnic groups and all religions, non-nuclear Iran, abolition of death penalty, peaceful coexistence with neighboring countries, with respect to international laws and conventions for the guarantee of democracy, progress and prosperity of Iran.

The time has come for the international community stand on the right side of history.  

  1. andish says

    💢Thank you for your support.

  2. نبيل says

    Thank you for all your efforts on the people and resistance of Iran and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi

  3. your ferend says

    Your support for the Iranian people is proof of your high human dignity

  4. mostafa says

    I sincerely thank you for supporting the people and the Iranian resistance

  5. arashfarsh says

    We thank you from the people and resistance of Iran
    You are always beside the Iranian people
    We’re proud of you
    #FreeIran2018 #Iran #MaryamRajavi #MEK

  6. shirin says

    I ask every Iranian citizen and any freedom freelancer to attend this gathering

  7. shirin says

    Thank you for all your efforts
    Hope to meet in Iran

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