Tuesday’s Iran Eveants – June 26, 2018

By Staff Writer

25 senators from Australia signed a statement supporting the grand gathering of the Iranian resistance on June 30, in Paris, and the uprising of the people of Iran.

IRAN: Protesters Chant “Death to Khamenei” as Protests Spread to Many Cities

The  strikes and demonstrations of the Bazaar merchants and the shopkeepers in Tehran, which received widespread support from the people, especially the youth, spread to different parts of the city. In Tehran, the Mirdamad Market, Chahar Sough and the Qaisariyah Market (the center for selling watches and jewelry) as well as the Shoush and Mowlavi markets also joined this major strike in protest of the recession and a dramatic drop in the Rial and high prices. The shopkeepers and the youth in Amir Kabir and Nazem al-Atebba also demonstrated in Ray avenue, where is the center for selling spare parts for automobiles.

Mrs.  Maryam Rajavi,, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, saluted the uprising of Bazaar merchants and the youths in Tehran and various cities, and called on all the people throughout the country to support the Bazaar merchants and the demonstrators.

Tehran,Iran Protesters are chanting shop owners to close their stores: “Close it, close it”

Tehran, Iran Crowd increasing at the shoe bazaar. People are chanting: “We don’t want a US dollar at 100,000 rials.”

IRAN: Tehran Baazar Traders Protest for 2nd Day against Rising Foreign Currencies Exchange Rate

This morning, Monday, June 25, a large part of the Tehran Bazaar went on strike. Marketers and shopkeepers, including those in the markets of goldsmiths, fabric stores bazaar, Saray-e Pachenar, Saray-e Moshir, shoemakers in Big Charsough, the large bazaar at Small Charsough, the Kuwaitis’ Bazaar, Sabze Meydan, Saray-e Melli, the carpet market in Saray-e Bou Ali and 15th Khordad and the Shah Mosque, Bain al-Haramain Bazaar, the sewing machine marketers in Khayyam Ave., coppersmiths’ Bazaar at Nasser Khosrow, and the marketers at the Parsian passage have joined this massive strike. They are protesting against the currency crisis and the rise in the price of the dollar as high a 9,000 tomans, and the plundering policies of the Iranian regime and its corrupt leaders.

In their nationwide uprising last January, the Iranian people emphasized the fact that the main cause of all current economic and social problems of Iran is the ominous regime of the mullahs.



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