Tuesday’s Iran Events – July 10, 2018

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Iran Events

Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani: “Corruption is now an epidemic across all of Iran‘s cities… The municipalities can turn construction violations into money!”

Iran’s people are suffering from severe power shortages across the country. One reason is regime officials are exporting electricity to neighboring countries, making huge profits through the process.

U.S. sanctions Malaysia-based agent for Iran’s Mahan Air

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Treasury Department said on Monday it had sanctioned a Malaysia-based sales agent for Mahan Air, an Iranian airline already under U.S. sanctions in connection with Iran’s alleged support for international terrorism.

“As a result of today’s action, all property and interests in property of Mahan Travel and Tourism Sdn Bhd that are or come within U.S. jurisdiction are blocked,” the department said in a statement.

Iran Events

U.S. Sanctions makes Asian Buyers to Replace Iranian Oil

Asian oil customers are looking to secure more oil supplies from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq, to replace oil from Iran after the U.S. announced the new sanctions on Tehran, Nizar al-Adsani, CEO at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), told Reuters on Monday.

“There is demand now … as sanctions are implemented on Iran … Some of the companies are trying to find other options other than Iran, be it the kingdom (Saudi Arabia), Emirates, Iraq or Kuwait,” al-Adsani.

Iran Events

‘Foreign military training the Iran-military-backed Houthi militias

The official spokesman of the Arab Coalition Forces to Support Legitimacy in Yemen Col. Turki Al-Maliki confirmed that the Coalition forces have evidence of the presence of foreign military experts training the Iran-military-backed Houthi militias and providing them with integrated military communication system.

He also revealed the involvement of terrorist Hizbollah organisation in this matter.

Syrian coalition condemns behavior of Iran’s regime

A member of the Syrian opposition coalition condemns new violations committed against children, according to the London-based ILAF website.

“This measure adds to a long list of war crimes, including murder, destruction, altering the social fabric by Iran’s terrorist militias carried out against civilians,’ he said.

Riyadh Hassan, Secretary-General of the Syrian Coalition Political Delegation, reiterated Tehran is attempting to teach Farsi to children in the cities and towns near Deir Ez-Zur in Syria.

“This is aimed at imposing this regime’s religious and sectarian culture,” he adds.

“After Iran sensed the threat against its military presence, this is an effort aimed at opening another door to cement their occupation of Syria,” Hassan continues.

Iran Events

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