Call for expelling Iran regime’s diplomat-terrorists from Europe

Call for expelling Iran regime’s diplomat-terrorists from Europe

Exposing the failed and coordinated terrorist plot aimed at attacking the Free Iran Rally in Villepinte, was a litmus test to demonstrate that the NCRI is the only viable alternative to the cleric regime of Iran and a great source of concern for the crises stroked Mullahs in Tehran. The terrorist gang in Belgium and France was preparing the attack on the peaceful gathering of the Iranian resistance with more than 100.000 attendees.

Iran regime’s hanging on terrorism and suppression to eliminate opposition groups is not something new. From the outset of the regime, the Mullahs have applied brutal measures against their opponents to destroy them and at the same time to create an atmosphere of fear in the society so that nobody even thinks of standing against their rules.

Unfortunately, after hundreds of worldwide terror operations over the past decades, directly or indirectly designated and implemented in the Iran regime’s embassies, causing loss of an immense number of innocent civilian lives and threatening exile dissident Iranians, still, the clerical regime’s terrorists enjoy diplomatic immunity. And some Westerners governments overlook the sinister activities of the Mullahs’ agents due to economic or political short-term benefits.

Iran’s resistance (NCRI) has repeatedly demanded the closure of embassies and clerical regime embassies as the centers for terrorism and the espionage, and the expulsion of intelligence and Quds terrorist forces’ agents from European countries.

The Iranian resistance also has called for the protection of Iranian refugees and dissidents in Europe, based on the statement issued on April 29, 1997, by the European Union.

(The European Union, in its April 29, 1997, statement on Iran has committed that visa is not issued to mercenaries and agents of the intelligence and security agencies of the Iranian regime.)

It is necessary to be recalled that various European countries, including Belgium, have been warned repeatedly about terror preparations against the resistance of Iran by the Mullahs regime’s agents.

In this regard Iranians inhabitant in European countries have protested to condemn the most recent foiled terrorist plot to attack Iranian Grand Gathering in Villepinte, and to demand for the expulsion of the detained diplomat-terrorist, Assadollah Assadi, from Germany to Belgium to be trial in charge of the commanding the terrorists and being “the contact person”.

The protesters also called the international community for the closure of the Iranian regime’s embassies.

Iran regime’s diplomat-terrorists

Aarhus – Denmark

Rome – Italy


Copenhagen – Denmark



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