Iranian protesters called for shutting down the Iran regime’s embassies

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Iranian protesters called for shutting down the Iran regime embassies

Demonstration in front of the Germany foreign affairs ministry, following charging the arrested clerical regime’s diplomat-terrorist by German federal prosecutors

Calling for expelling Iran regime’s diplomat-terrorists and shutting down its embassies

Following announcement of the German federal prosecutors and Issuing a verdict by a judge of inquiry for Assadollah Assadi, the arrested Iran regime’s diplomat-terrorist, on the charge of acting as a foreign agent and conspiracy to commit murder, on Wednesday, July 11, a demonstration was held in front of the German Foreign Ministry.

Participants and speakers at this conference welcomed the German Federal Prosecutor Office’ arrest warrant and called for closing the Regime’s spying embassies and offices of and expelling its so-called diplomats and mercenaries.

A delegation from the participants went to the German Foreign Ministry and delivered their requests addressed to the German Foreign Minister.

In the gathering, the statement of the Union of Iranian Societies in Germany was read out and then delivered to the German Foreign Ministry.

In the statement, the demands of the demonstrators are read as follow,

1.Expel diplomats and intelligence agents and spies of the terrorists and religious dictatorship ruling Iran,

  1. Close the embassies, official and unofficial agencies, covering associations all regime’s centers for espionage and terrorism,
  2. Those who travel to Iran, despite their refugee status should not be allowed to re-enter Germany,
  3. The necessity of the security of the dissident Iranian refugees and German citizens is disclosure the Iran regime’s spy and terror network and need security Iranian dissidents and refugees spy and terror network and broadcasting details of their activities.

Demonstration in front of the French Foreign Ministry to condemn the terror plot against the “Free Iran Gathering”

Calling for expelling Iran regime’s diplomat-terrorists and intelligence agents and shutting down the regime’s embassies and espionage centers

In France, refugee Iranians demonstrated in front of the French Foreign Ministry. By chanting slogans against the mullahs’ regime, delivering speeches and marching, they declared their protest and condemn the terrorist plot against the gathering of the Iranian Resistance. Meanwhile, they called for the closing of the clerical regime’s embassies.


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