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Kak Baba Sheikh Hosseini: the NCRI is the organized and democratic alternative to the regime

In the view of the Iranian Kurdistan’s Khebat Organization, the National Council of Resistance of Iran is the organized and democratic alternative to the regime, and no one else can play that role.

We have heard from some people speaking about the remnants of the Shah’s regime as being the alternative. The people of Kurdistan will never welcome dictatorship.

The town of Baneh, the home of Mamusta Ostad Jalal Hosseini, the founder of Khebat organization, will never welcome an oppressor. We, as Khebat Organization and a large part of the people of Kurdistan, re-emphasize that the NCRI is sole democratic alternative to the clerical regime.

Except for freedom fighters in Iran and in Kurdistan, no other … party can speak on behalf of the people of Kurdistan, who will never welcome anyone who has oppressed the people of Iran.

Without doubt, this regime will be overthrown, and all of us will return to a free Iran.

Kak Baba Sheikh Hosseini is Secretary-General of the Iranian Kurdistan’s Khebat Organization.

The Revolutionary Khabat Organization of the Iranian Kurdistan, usually called Khabat (Kurdish for “struggle”) is a Kurdish nationalist opposition group in Iran which seeks autonomy for Iranian Kurdistan.

Organization Khabats’ goal for Iranian Kurdistan is Self-determination and a secular democratic system in Iran.