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Terrorism An Inseparable Behavior Of Mullahs’ Regime

Terrorism An Inseparable Behavior Of Mullahs’ Regime

Following arrest of clerical regime’s terror cells in Belgium, Germany and France, who were planning to attack the Grand Gathering in Paris, once more it became apparent that exporting of terrorism and fundamentalism abroad and the domestic suppression are mullahs’ crucial means for the survival.

No matter if the sham reformists are in power or the so-called principalists, this fascist-style conduct is so vital to the regime that under no circumstances could it be abandoned.

This is especially important to understand as the regime’s fate has entered a critical stage. That is because the great uprising of the Iranian people continues with the regime’s alternative being increasingly recognized internally and internationally.  That all is added to the US exit from JCPOA which has literally brought the regime to its knees.

The regime’s leaders having no way out of the current crisis, badly need Europe to may be able to save JCPOA. Therefore, they should be quite desperate feeling helpless at the advancement of the resistance to accept the price of taking such dangerous measures.

Following the condemnation of the regime during the Mykonos tribunal in Berlin for the assassination of the Iranian Kurdish opposition in Germany in 1992, the European Union made the Iranian regime promise not to carrying out any terrorist attacks on European territory. In return Europe’s ambassadors would return to Tehran.

Now the serious question is: what has transpired now that the clerical regime has resorted to this huge and dangerous gamble?

Obviously, the clerical regime is afraid of the rally held by the MEK and the National Council of Resistance in Paris, fearing the danger that people may turn to the alternative for solutions.

The political and legal implications of this conspiracy are extremely harmful to the survival of the regime. The follow ups by the resistance and the judicial authorities in Europe and the United States, are going to completely shatter the policy of appeasement. This is putting regime’s years of investment for relations with the European Union at total risk.

The recent developments in the terror case following German prosecutor arresting the terrorist diplomat Assadullah Asadi and extradition of the fourth culprit Mehrdad Arefani from France to Belgium, makes regime’s further relations with Europe practically impossible. Also, as the prosecution moves forward and more details about the conspiracy is revealed, crisis rises to new heights for the regime.

In a recent statement, the National Security Council and the Anti-Terrorism Commission of the National Council of Resistance (NCRI) revealed that the terror plot was being carried out with knowledge and direction of Khamenei, Rouhani, the Ministry of Intelligence, the Foreign Ministry of the regime.

For as long as this regime is in power, suppression and terror will not end – internally or abroad. As Mr. Massoud Rajavi, the leader of the resistance has insisted over the years, the clerical regime doesn’t understand any other language but force.  Fortunately, a large part of the world today realizes the fact that the truth has been ignored under the shadow of appeasement policy.  This achievement has come at the great cost of many lives lost from the Iranian resistance and the Mojahedin.

It’s the price of freedom. And, we’ll soon see the final outcome.  The end to the mullahs’ regime is near.

Mahdavi is an Author, Reporter, and Opposition Activist to the Iranian regime. He writes articles for http://www.iranfreedom.org/en/. You can follow him on Twitter @mahdavi85