Iran’s uprising people chanting “Death to the dictator”

Iran’s uprising people chanting “Death to the dictator.”

A brief report of the protests in Iran on Thursday

Iran, August 3, 2018,  a large number of cities across Iran witnessed increasing protests on Friday, including Tehran, Karaj, Eshtehard, Isfahan, Ghahderijan, Andimeshk, Mashhad, Shiraz, Hamedan, Kermanshah and other as people took to the streets yet again on this fourth consecutive day, expressing their anger and abhorrence of the ruling mullahs’ regime.

These protests, beginning with the sunset, continued into the late hours of the night and led to intense clashes and skirmishes between protesters and the regime’s security forces.

the people of Tehran, Karaj and Mashhad poured into the streets and protested against the religious despotism and the country’s economic crumbling due to the corruption of the mullahs’ regime. Later, the cities of Ghahdarijan and Shahin Shahr in Isfahan province, and Andimeshk in Khuzestan joined the protests.

The youths in the city of Mashhad chanted “Death to the dictator” and launched their demonstration.

In Tehran’s Vali Asr Crossroad brave protesters chanted “Death to the dictator” and began  their courageous protests.

They’re also heard chanting: “Iranians, shout out for your rights” and “Cowards, cowards” to the regime’s repressive security forces.

Iran’s uprising

The youths in Gohardasht of Karaj, west of Tehran, demonstrated and chanted “Death to the dictator,” “Iranians rather die than live in shame” and “Proud Iranians, support, support.”

They also shouted towards the regime’s repressive forces and chanted: “We may die but we’ll take Iran back.”

It was the fourth consecutive day that protests  took place in numerous cities across Iran. While protests had started over economic grievances, their nature quickly turned into anti-government demonstrations. In previous days, protesters clashed with security forces on several occasions and refused to disperse despite the heavy security presence.

Protests continued late into the night in different cities of Iran, the latest reports indicated. In Tehran, after the end of a football match, people chanted “Death to dictator” slogans while leaving the Freedom Stadium.

A former officer of the Iranian regime’s state security forces who was among protesters said, “Two years ago, I was in the state security forces and I know all of their anti-riot formations and tactics. They are afraid of the people.”

In Zibashahr, Qazvin, people formed pockets of protests and chanted, “We are the servants of God, not tyrants.”

In Karaj, thousands of people joined the nightly protests. Protesters continued to chant, “Death to dictator” and called on their compatriots to join them. While there was heavy presence of security forces and anti-riot police, the protesters chanted, “We will die and take back Iran.” In Eshtehard, Karaj, more and more people joined the ranks of protesters.

In Karaj, security forces opened fire on protesters. At least one of the protesters was injured, reports and videos indicated.

Iran’s uprising

9:30 PM CET: Kermanshah was the latest city to join the protests that began  on August 3, 2018. Large groups of people came to the streets and called for the overthrow of the mullahs regime.

In Gohardasht, fierce clashes between protesters and security forces continued. The streets were strewn with rocks and bricks that people threw at security forces. Protesters reported  that the regime’s agents fired at protesters from rooftops in different locations. Despite the heavy presence of the regime’s security forces, protests continued. Protesters chanted  “Death to dictator” and “We will dies but we won’t give in to disgrace.”

At the Gohardasht intersection, protesters set fire on the motorcycles of state security forces.

An exclusive voice message sent from the prison of Karaj, death row prisoners voiced their support with protesters and shouted “Death to dictator” and “long live freedom” slogans. “They’re sending us to the gallows,” one prisoner said. “It makes no difference. It’s either death of freedom.” The prisoners shouted “the uprising continues while the dictator stands” and ended their message with “Death to Khamenei.”

In Eshtehard, Karaj, protesters set fire on the seminary, which symbolizes the rule of the mullahs and marched toward the governorate. Security forces tried  to block the roads and prevent protesters from moving forward.

The latest reports from Ghahdarijan, Isfahan, indicated that clashes continued between protesters and security forces.

Tensions grew between protesters and security forces in several cities where demonstrations erupted this day. According to reports by MEK activists in Iran, protesters resisted against the repressive forces of the Iranian regime. In several locations, protesters clashed with security forces.

Iran’s uprising

In Shahin Shahr, Isfahan, security forces tried  to prevent protesters from joining their ranks. “Police forces gathered in the Ferdowsi square to prevent the people from demonstrating,” said a local reporter from Shahin Shahr.

Andimeshk city in Khuzestan was the latest city to joined the protests. To their fellow Iranians, protesters chanted, “Enough is enough! Show your dignity!”

The regime’s state-run media tried  to downplay the protests. According to the IRGC-owned Fars News Agency, Abdulreza Rahmani Fazli, the interior minister of the Iranian regime said, “The enemies think that if 50 to 200 people gather in one place, the situation will change.” Meanwhile local reports obtained from PMOI/MEK activists indicated that in some places, the demonstrating crowds number in the thousands.


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